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Depressing News…

The news that is lately… I mean, Ukrainian war, airliners shot down or crashing in bad weather, more fighting in CAR, the appalling situation in Gaza. I mean it is just so flipping depressing isn’t it? Throughout my life I’ve … Continue reading

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Home Group

Anyone who has boobled about AA for anytime will probably have heard the term “Home Group”. Now for a long time for me that was just one of the meetings I went to regularly. I went to reasonably close ones … Continue reading

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Monday we had are last meet up officially on the course. We only had to hand in our signed portfolio of work to be assigned then we did an ending ceremony and went to have something to eat. It was … Continue reading

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Now that’s bloody clever…

Now on a decidedly happier note today I finally went and got a new phone.  Mrs F has had enough of me moaning about my old phone being slow and keep crashing/freezing.  But firstly I had to pass the end … Continue reading

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Another one bites the dust

A guy who used to come to one of my home groups but drifted away from AA has been found dead in a horrible death. Just one of the 5,000 people who’ll make up the statistic this year for deaths … Continue reading

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And So It Ends…

I sat my exam at the end of my introductory counselling course yesterday. For regular readers/followers you’ll know that I’ve been considering for a long time what I’m really doing. Like so many I woke up in my middle age … Continue reading

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Why DID I drink?

An Anaesthetic for the Mind and Soul… To be honest to a large extend this question is a moot one.  The only thing that really matters is that I can’t drink safely so accept that move on.  I’ve done that … Continue reading

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Life stuff…

Guitars and Life… that is the name of this blog, and my other one too!  This is the one about life stuff I should talk about it, but first a story about a guitar!  haha… I’m “friends” with a bunch … Continue reading

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