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Do we still listen to experts?

I had a long hard chuckle at a recent Twitter discourse involving Douglas Carswell (the only sitting UKIP MP) and a leading scientist where Mr Carswell insisted that the sun causes the earth’s tides.  I loved Prof Paul Nightingale’s put … Continue reading

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Days into Months, Months into Years, Years into Decades

I was privileged to hear someone talking about a milestone in their recovery.  35 years sober.  35 years!!!  For me to have hit that achievement I’d have had to stopped drinking when I wasn’t quite 19!  This person though is … Continue reading

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Human effort

It was the last stage of the Tour of Britain in London yesterday.  Not one of the “grand tours” that last for weeks and weeks in the baking Mediterranean sun and up and down huge mountain ranges.  However a week … Continue reading

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Back in harness

Hello local followers… er follower… oh well I’ll just talk to myself then! Sorry I’ve been away but the recovery from the operation made me somewhat lazy.  I ended up watch a great chunk of the latter stages of the … Continue reading

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