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What is alcoholism?

A disease – that has always been the belief of Alcoholics Anonymous from the beginning of the movement, you’ll find this described as they could in the “big book” – Alcoholics Anonymous the book that gave its name to the … Continue reading

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Drinking Dreams

As ever I say I’m taking a bloggin break and then… something happens. This time – a nasty little drinking dream. In general I’ve been having some bloody weird dreams lately such as being in a cabin place somewhere and … Continue reading

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Blogging break

I think I’m taking a blogging break – I’ve nothing much to say.  Having just reviewed the posts so far this year frankly they are most me just whimbling on about something and nothing as my mother would have said.  … Continue reading

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You have to laugh at this…

The instructions that came with one of those old cassette adaptor things – so my daughter can listen to her iPod in a 13 years old Ford Ka…  

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Response to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death

Fantastic article in the Guardian. So relate to so much of what is said here … I am an alcoholic and I’m sober today.

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The council

I went to a meeting at our local council offices today.  The local shop which is almost opposite my house has been sold to new owners and they have asked to change what it sells.  They want an off-sales alcohol … Continue reading

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Unexpected Meetings.

In the last two days I’ve had two unexpected meetings. Both on train stations – all a bit Brief Encounter – except both the parties I met were hairy arsed guys. But emphasises what a small world it is. First … Continue reading

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Death in the public eye

If you connect to any form of news media you cannot have failed to have heard about the untimely passing of the actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Now I can’t really comment on his abilities as an actor, I’m not qualified … Continue reading

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