Depressing News…

The news that is lately… I mean, Ukrainian war, airliners shot down or crashing in bad weather, more fighting in CAR, the appalling situation in Gaza. I mean it is just so flipping depressing isn’t it?

Throughout my life I’ve taken a keen interest in current affairs, the news and politics. I’ve always felt I like to be connected to the greater world through this interest. How do I feel today? Hmm… not like that at all I feel I’d be better off with my head in the sand frankly. The Commonwealth Games have been a welcome happy diversion frankly but then I feel like this is like when the Roman Emperors put on the big shows and games in the Coliseum to keep the proletariat from rebelling against them… maybe I shouldn’t think like that too long or the fun will get wiped off the games!

I’m glad I’m off on holiday with Mrs F, by brother and his wife later in the week. First off Mrs F and I are popping in to visit Son-of-Furtheron and his girlfriend in the Midlands where we’ll drop off Daughter-of-Furtheron who is going to “sofa surf” with them for a couple of days before she heads home. We’re then off to sunny (unlikely given the forecast) Scotland for a weeks holiday. I do feel like I need a break, new scenery etc.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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8 Responses to Depressing News…

  1. I, too, am astonished at the groundswell of bad events. When was the last time everything seemed to be going to hell simultaneously? You didn’t even mention the mess in Africa. French boots on the ground there. We are also escaping at the end of the week to visit family in Cleveland, a place that’s also unlikely to have decent weather. Well, there’s always the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to visit. It doesn’t rain inside there.

  2. Suburbia says:

    I’m away in Devon with head firmly in sand! If watching the news made a difference to the outcome of events I’d be up all night watching the news

    Have a great holiday- the weathermen are not always right!

  3. byebyebeer says:

    The news is depressing. I feel like we’re oversaturated with it, which doesn’t help, but even if we read it once a day in the paper and then the nightly news like many years ago, it would still be bad news. There isn’t anything we can do about it as individuals, so honestly my solution has been to mostly avoid it. A holiday sounds super lovely and just the thing for you. Time spent with family in rainy Scotland or wherever, just being present and making new memories and all that fun stuff. Enjoy.

  4. I can’t watch any more tweets or news items or anything with dead children or things getting blown up in Gaza and anywhere else. It’s overwhelming.

    Get away, have fun. Try not to get caught up in the things we can’t control (I need to heed that advice too)


  5. sherryd32148 says:

    I take an al-anon approach. I didn’t cause it and I can’t control it and I certainly can’t cure it. So I stay aware and up to date on events and I pray a lot but I try not to let it stop me from living.

    Enjoy your vacation!


  6. Chelly says:

    The news has just been gut wrenching. It’s good to have a breather from it all. Have a lovely time in Scotland—a well deserved break.

  7. They usually have news on the various televisions at the gym where I work out, and I just feel gutted by what’s on lately.

    I hope you have a nice vacation and that the world gets less insane.

  8. daisyfae says:

    Are things really worse, or does the relentless feed of news into every orifice we possess just make it seem worse? At this moment, i agree that there’s a lot of weighty, and seemingly unresolvable ‘stuff’… Nothing wrong with getting off the grid for a bit to clear your head. i hope your holiday is enjoyable!

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