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Funerals and Family

Today I attended the funeral of a dear AA friend. She’d been around a long time sober, she was gentle, loving, caring – a person I may not see for months but would ask me how I am and then … Continue reading

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BBQ in the sun

You know I’ve been struggling over what to post on here a lot of the time.  I think, “what do I have to say?” I should say – I’m 10 years sober and it is bloody brilliant! This weekend we … Continue reading

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10 Years

Can you believe today marks my 10th sober anniversary?  In someways it feels like more than that, a lifetime in fact in other ways it seems like only yesterday I finally said “I need help”. 10 years! I won’t repeat … Continue reading

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The course continues a pace. There are a set of things we need to complete to pass, obviously, and good news is I’m making good progress on them. Firstly a large assignment essay has been in and assessed and passed … Continue reading

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How I’ve changed.

I’m in a bit of a reflective mood currently.  No doubt because in less than a week I’ll pass my 10th sober anniversary. I was reading someone else’s blog the other day and saw something that I thought to myself … Continue reading

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More followers

Odd.  So a while back I said I was taking a bloggin break as my mojo was broke.  I then ignored that and blogged a bit but have seemingly definitely taken a break now.  Frankly I have had nothing so … Continue reading

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Drinking Dream

I woke up when the alarm clattered into my reverie at 6am this morning.  As I got out of bed and dragged on some pjs and then shuffled half blind into the bathroom before staggering to the kitchen to get … Continue reading

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