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Now is the time to be vigilant

The good news (if any of you are interested) is that I’m recovering ok from the operation.  Nearly all my dressings are off all my wounds and they look to be healing ok.  Each day this week I’ve gone for … Continue reading

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Pain medication and alcoholism

I am an alcoholic.  I came to that conclusion really years before I admitted it and stopped drinking.  I may not have drunk alcohol for a little over 12 years now but I’m still an alcoholic and I’ll always be … Continue reading

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I had my gallbladder removed on Wednesday 13th July.  I ended up staying in over night coming out the following afternoon.  Good news is the op all went well, all is out and sorted no follow-up procedure needed and it … Continue reading

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What is one thing that a lot of alcoholics don’t like?  Change.  Uncertainty.  That is my impression of listening to hundreds of people talking about life in their recovery in my dozen years within the recovery community. And I identify … Continue reading

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