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Another milestone approaches

In a few days time I’ll be able to collect my latest sobriety chip.  For those of you who don’t use AA the background is that some groups give out chips or medallions to celebrate lengths of sobriety.  In the … Continue reading

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… and jubilations…   extra points to anyone who spots that lyric reference. Mrs F had her birthday last week.  So after our short break on the south coast I took some time of work to coincide with her Easter … Continue reading

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A couple of you mentioned the abseiling.   Here are some photos of brave souls doing it at the Spinnaker later in the day who were raising money for a Parkinson’s Disease charity.

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Time Out

I’ve had some time out lately.  I booked some leave from work, we’re on break from my course with no set written work deadlines thankfully and it is my wife’s birthday this week.  All been great.  Mrs F and I … Continue reading

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Is it Easter?

That has been a confusing question actually.  Some years ago my local authority decided that they would “fix when Easter occurs”.  I’d have thought a conversation with the pope was necessary since it’s been the first Sunday after the first … Continue reading

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