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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot

Work in progress…

Sums up most of my life…  my epitaph, or title of my autobiography, which ever comes first, will be either “Work In Progress…” or my long term favourite “None the bloody wiser!”. Mother-in-law update. She’s been around most of the … Continue reading

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Highs and Lows

The last 24 hours have certainly had that. Daughter-of-Furtheron graduated yesterday.  Terrific day with her and her friends.  Her ceremony was early so Mrs F and her had gone and got the gown the night before and had her photos … Continue reading

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A long summer till September

It’s September.  Have I seriously not posted since July?  Sorry dear followers I know you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats…. *silence*… *whistling wind*…*Passing tumble-weed* So a brief update if anyone is still reading.  Mrs F and … Continue reading

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Don’t give up giving up

Inspired by a post at one of my regular readers – Un-Tipsy Teacher.    Thank you… At times I’m asked my advice for people who are new to sobriety.  My only pearl of wisdom is “Don’t give up giving up”.   I … Continue reading

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Negative voices – suicide

Last night I caught the programme about Jodi Ann Bickley.  She is running a project called a million lovely letters.  Essentially Jodi asked people to ask her for a letter and she then wrote to them.  Personal letters of comfort, … Continue reading

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Call a spade a spade.

One of my family’s expressions – “Call a spade a spade!”.  It was whenever you were dancing around a topic avoiding saying the potentially hurtful word etc. On this morning’s commute I read this. Heavy drinking will kill 63,000 people … Continue reading

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Progress not perfection…

My own personal favourite slogan and ingrained adopted philosophy from the big book.  It is in Chapter Five just after the steps are introduced.  For me this was a key phrase in my early days, and still now, since I … Continue reading

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