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Canadian GP controversy

If you’re into F1 you’ll no doubt be up to speed with the controversy at yesterday’s (9th June 2019) Canadian GP.   If not briefly…   Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) was leading from the start.  Later in the race his great rival Lewis … Continue reading

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Simply the best…

I don’t often talk about sports on here but my passions are rugby and motorsports. With regards to the latter today the sad loss of Niki Lauda has been announced. He was at his peak when as a teenager I … Continue reading

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15 years

15 years ago today I took my (to date) last drink. I take today as my sober birthday because that evening lying on the floor in the fetal position sobbing my eyes out I made the decision to finally ask … Continue reading

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I saw the neurotologist earlier this week. Firstly I got a little over 30 min with him. Unheard of on the time pressed NHS. Secondly he really got my condition. He’d suggest symptoms before I did, including ones previously dismissed … Continue reading

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Arrogance of Man

I was watching a news report last night about the tornado in Texas. The devastation it had left is awful and my heart goes out to those affected. However I was struck, again, with how an official giving a news … Continue reading

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Brexit – yes I have to talk about it again!

I’ve just watched the Laura Kuenssberg documentary – The Brexit Storm. Billed as her inside story. Well… hmmm…. maybe. Yes her face was the same as mine at the moment the count was delivered to the commons on the first … Continue reading

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Memory jolt….

In a conversation with someone the other day I suddenly remembered a film. Silent Running. Made in 1972 it was, IMHO, years ahead of its time. A brief synopsis which I hope isn’t too spoiler filled for those that have … Continue reading

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