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New year views

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  I haven’t done in years – they always ended up dis-guarded by mid Jan at the earliest and Mid Feb at the latest.  I was reflecting that really why do you need 1st Jan … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all my readers – well that’s cheered up a handful of folks on the internet! Now but seriously – happy holidays to the MPs who are off for two full weeks holiday.  Like … SERIOUSLY????!!!!!   For a … Continue reading

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No one can deny your feelings

It’s been an odd period of time recently.  Lows of losing my friend Mick, a colleague of my wife’s dying very suddenly really upset her….   But then good stuff – my son got engaged, my daughter got offered a new … Continue reading

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He was there in the beginning…

In the summer of 2004 I headed off to rehab.  Mind blown, not sure what on earth I was doing.  If I honestly assess it now I was just really trying another attempt at running away from my problems.  Only … Continue reading

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So it has happened folks on All Hallow’s Eve – hence the video below – I entered the world of the retired.  Still not sure what’s really going on frankly.  I signed all the various clauses in the 20 page … Continue reading

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BBC Casualty – portrayal of AA

First I want to applaud the BBC for dealing with alcoholism in a mainstream soap and for dealing with it with a working professional rather than just having that person as a washed up park bench drunk. For those that … Continue reading

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Another one lost – Alcoholism Kills

Sadly my local meetings are feeling sader places the last week or so.  A long term member who has been struggling passed away.  46.  Yes 46 but despite a period of sobreity she’d got back into a cycle of destructive … Continue reading

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