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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot

One day at a time…

An old AA adage.   “How can I possibly stay sober for the rest of my life?”   “How will I stay sober at Christmas?” “My birthday?”  The classic from  my sponsor in his first weeks sober – “My daughter’s wedding?”  His … Continue reading

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Operation update

Just a short update. Operation was all successful. I came out yesterday evening so no overnight stay thankfully. So far I can tell the pressure is different less which is good but early days. A week rest and recuperation to … Continue reading

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14 years

Apparently the average life term prisoner in the UK can expect to serve about 15 years before being paroled.  If that is true my sobriety is therefore approaching a life term.  Today is my 14th AA birthday – that is … Continue reading

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Spring is Sprung

Only a few weeks ago we were digging out some of the worst snow I’ve seen in the 26 years we’ve lived here. And now look at the garden. Included is my newly built hedgehog house especially for SuburbanBetty. No … Continue reading

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Life on Life’s terms

The title above is a quote from the Big Book of AA.  It is one of the famous stories from the stories section in some of versions of the book. I’ve recently reflected on it.  There’s a lot of tragedy … Continue reading

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Operation date

Barring any issues operation is scheduled for 17 May. A few weeks later they’re going to fit a hearing aid too.

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I saw the specialist last week. My wife drove me to the hospital. But the parking was a nightmare. I suggested we park in a nearby street. We did just as I’m paying for the parking. The world starts to … Continue reading

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