Health Update

So the very good news is that I’m currently enjoying the longest consecutive period without a severe vertigo attack in 2 years. Yes folks. I’ve not had a serious attack now since March. I can’t say I’ve been symptom free, far from it but it’s been much better lately. To the point that now I have my confidence back to go about on my own. I’m even getting a handle on using our local (very expensive) bus service. A few months ago thinking of catching a bus there and back to a dentist appointment would have been a total no no. But last week I did just that.

I still have some days where I’m “at sea”, unbalanced, tinnitus annoying high, head pressure, sensitive to noise etc. But as I say no big world spinning laying on the floor attacks.

To cap off this improvement I managed somehow to pinch a nerve in my back! Agony and then the leg that side is numb, tingly etc below the knee. After about three weeks I got an appointment with a physiotherapist who my neighbour highly recommended and got a recommendation from a friend who also has balance issues like me. Having had an assessment the plan is to attack the leg problems first then look at things to help with the balance too. I have to say immediately the leg feels better which is good news.


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2 Responses to Health Update

  1. Ainsobriety says:

    I have similar back issues and see an osteopath. She has done more for me than a million Physio’s and massage therapists.
    We always go back to reclined figure 4. Lying on your back. 30 seconds per side. And then sitting on a tennis ball where it hurts!

    It sometimes stops the pain for me. And it’s so simple…

    I’m happy to hear you have regained some independence. You must relish every moment of dizziness free time! Hopefully this is a continued improvement!

    Take care. I hope the back feels better!

  2. I am so glad to hear about your balance being better!
    I have had good results with acupuncture and physical therapy for my back issues as well!

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