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Gratitude list

After commenting on her blog Abbiegrrl asked if I’d share a gratitude list on my blog.  So here is today’s ten top things I’m grateful for… I haven’t had a drink today I haven’t wanted a drink today Love of my … Continue reading

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It’s obvious to me

Earlier this month the UK government issued new guidance on alcohol intake.  The new limits state… “The new advice says men and women who drink regularly should consume no more than 14 units a week – equivalent to six pints … Continue reading

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It’s not about me

Thank you to all who commented on my last self endulgent post. Reading through them today has reminded me that I have a mind that too easily slips into self obsession. Step 12 says ” Having had a spiritual experience … Continue reading

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What do I provide…

I’ve been sober over 11 and a half years if I get to May 14th this year one day at a time I’ll be 12 years. I was listening to the great Buzzkill podcast – with my friends Paul and Kristen … Continue reading

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Family together

Over this last weekend my sister celebrated her 60th birthday. She held the celebration at her house on Sunday afternoon/evening.  My brother came to ours first, we had a catch up about his time in Belgium over Christmas and then … Continue reading

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Hi ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go

Dear Loyal Reader(s) I apologise for being Missing InAction for so long and inaction is indeed the truth of the matter.  Frankly folks only as I’ve continued my recovery from my illness did I realise how ill I had actually … Continue reading

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