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My baptism

How cool is this. Looking through some old photos today… found this. My Baptism!!!

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What would he have been like now?

Yesterday (28th January 2014) was the 32nd anniversary of the death of my wife’s brother.  He was 21.  The night before I’d been at their house and all three of us had gone out for a drink – this was … Continue reading

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Number one!

Good grief I’m number one in the charts – here is the proof!! Ok only for my local area on Reverbnation but this is it – I’ve made number 1!!!

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Some new tunes

Well actually it is the same tune done two ways. This is Watchman – played as written i.e. a totally solo acoustic guitar piece.   Here it is with additional instruments – including my mandolin playing début on a recording!

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A new leg on the journey of life

On Tuesday Daughter-of-Furtheron took her driving test.  Now she’d been learning just about a year having started a little after her 17th birthday.  She’d always been on about learning to drive, I think for her it is a major part … Continue reading

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Compulsion, obsession and desire

I drank my last drink on 14 May 2004 it was just before 7pm that evening. For a long time in early sobriety I kept a daily gratitude list at the top of each day’s entry I wrote “Haven’t had … Continue reading

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What REALLY matters? Take a moment to sit and think, I mean really think about what REALLY matters to you. *pause* I’m happy to wait *pause* So what are you prepared to really go out on a limb for? Your … Continue reading

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