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Lost Days – Henry Maybury

Touching song from Henry Maybury

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And then there’s lots to do…

How would I describe how I feel at the moment?  Stressed!  Manic!   That’ll do. I’ve drifted along for a while quiet happily just drifting with the tide really.  Work has been largely ok just drifting…  course has been … … Continue reading

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Walter Trout – needs a new liver

I’m combining for once guitars and alcoholism on here. Walter Trout the renowned blues guitarist is currently in UCLA hospital in desperate need of a liver transplant.  He stated when news of the illness broke in the Blues Magazine that … Continue reading

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Black and White thinking – moving into the light

If you’ve ever looked into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy you may have come across this term it is one of the unhelpful or negative thinking patterns CBT helps people with. Black and White thinking can be defined as “Believing that something … Continue reading

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Comfortable in My Skin

I commented on Sherry’s Blog about being Comfortable in Your Own Skin… I thought I’d talk about it here as it is so important to me these days. I first heard this phrase when on some Management Skills Development Course. This … Continue reading

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St Patrick’s Day

I’ve said it before my liquid bomb of choice in my drinking days was Guinness.  So you’d think I’d have loved St Paddy’s Day… NO!  The opposite, that night all these other tossers clogging up the bar slowing down the … Continue reading

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The Newcomer

On Wednesday evening I headed to one of my home groups.  It has become quiet small lately, some groups do this waves or attendance go up and down, it’s been as high as 15 – 20 regulars but is now … Continue reading

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