Moving on…

My daughter received her MSc certificate the other week. She bought two matching frames to put that and her BSc in. She’s clearly proud of her achievements. She had them balanced on the window sill…. A recipe for disaster! She’s away working this week and next on residential summer schools. So I got the drill out along with a level etc and mounted them above the desk in her room where so much studying was done in pursuit of those.

I don’t think they’ll be there but a few months as her boyfriend and her are gearing up to get their own place before Christmas if they can.

My son was down at the weekend with his fiancée telling us about the progress on the plans for their wedding which will soon be less than a year away.

Mrs F is constantly looking at bungalows near us. We’d love to downsize but it’s daft. 2 bed bungalows near us cost more than our family 4 bed semi can sell for. Why now I’ve retired would I want to put more capital into a property or take out a mortgage, assuming I’d even be able to get one. If the government ever asked me how to fix the housing crisis I’d say. Focus on helping older couples downsize…. Build more bungalows! If you look in our little road alone increasingly it is just parents in family homes with the family gone with two or more bedrooms unoccupied full time. Given the UK housing crisis esp in the south east where I live this is frankly dumb.

So will we be moving on? If we saw a bargain somewhere then possibly but in the current market it’s highly unlikely. One thing for me is that our house has always been our home from the moment we moved in in 1992. If we ever do move on all those memories will stay with me.


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3 Responses to Moving on…

  1. I understand!
    We want to stay in our house for as long as we can , as we love the location!!
    To buy a condo or townhouse close to our area is very expensive.
    So for now, we stay as long as we can keep mowing, snow shoveling and fix things!

  2. Liz Hinds says:

    Well done to Daughter-of-Furtheron and to dad for avoiding a problem.
    Our house is too big now really but children keep coming to stay and we love both the house and the garden so we’ll be here for a while I think.

  3. Same here – would love to downsize but it costs too much!

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