The one in which I say I told you so…

On 24 June 2016 at 6 am my radio alarm went off with the BBC news headlines which of course was “The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union.” I groaned and turned it off. Somewhere in that morning, I remember being at college in class that day, I said to my course colleagues “This’ll be 10 years of chaos”.

I felt that because I didn’t think there was a consistent view of actually what leaving meant. I also felt the short/medium long term economic cost was too great and the risk too high. There is no other developed nation outside an established trading block in the world, we might be trailblazing pathfinding example to the rest of the world but I just would rather we not take the risk with my country and my children’s future.

Whatever that day I had expected Mr Cameron to trigger Article 50 and us to leave in June 2018. That didn’t happen.

I had expected the majority of that decade to be outside the EU that is looking increasingly unlikely.

We must look like an embarrassing shambles to the rest of the world.


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5 Responses to The one in which I say I told you so…

  1. Jim Simmonds says:

    Yes, We do look a shambles. I’ve just finished a Skype call to a friend in Spain, trying to explain the shitshow that’s happening right now, the confusion, lies, division. It’s a nightmare and my friend is dumbfounded- he can’t understand why anyone would have voted something that has given us so much peace and prosperity these last 45 years.

  2. Over here it’s another giant mess, that already has changed our nation, and not for the better.

  3. Sharing your shame here in the US my friend!

  4. Liz Hinds says:

    And the mess just gets worse and worse.

  5. I’m a little late, Graham, but as 2020 just stared, I saw a meme (a yankee one) that hilighted 2020 will be a year of both an impeachment trial and a presidential election. So, God help us all.

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