Now that’s bloody clever…

Now on a decidedly happier note today I finally went and got a new phone.  Mrs F has had enough of me moaning about my old phone being slow and keep crashing/freezing.  But firstly I had to pass the end of my existing contract before I upgraded to save money, then I couldn’t find the phone I wanted at the tarrif I wanted at a cost I was prepared to pay.  I compromised in the end by getting a slightly bigger phone – I really wanted a compact one that fitted better in my jeans pockets… so I thought – having got the new one – slipped it in my pocket and thought… “Hmm why was I worried?”  Also larger screen bit better for a decrepid old git like me who has difficulty typing on a smaller screen.  Maybe now the hankering after a pointless tablet will pass.. I doubt that.

But the clever bit is that once I connected and logged in to Google it down loaded all the apps I had on my old phone… now that is bloody clever!  It even loaded up the wallpaper I had on the old phone – a picture of my Nunostrat (eyes right –>).  Only thing it didn’t do was copy over my personal ringtone, an excerpt from a song of mine called Demons – no confusing my ringtone with everybody else who still has Grand Vals by Tarrega!

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7 Responses to Now that’s bloody clever…

  1. New gadgets are always fun. And not to tempt you, but I barely use my laptop since I got my iPad. However, I do make a lot of auto spell errors on the tablet that I probably wouldn’t when typing on a keyboard.

  2. A new phone is a BIG DEAL. It’s something you use all day, every day. A thorough study must be undertaken before a purchase is made. Once you make your selection, you STUCK with it for the life of your contract. It’s nothing to be taken lightly.

    You’re not decrepit and old.

  3. JJ says:

    I don’t have a mobile phone or a tablet so you’re doing pretty well in my eyes, or ears I guess in this case.

  4. sherryd32148 says:

    dude…I love my iPad. But to be fair, it was a gift. I would have never dumped that amount of money on myself for a toy.

    Have fun with your new gadget!!!


  5. I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award on my site 🙂

  6. Elsie Amata says:

    The hubby and I just got new phones on Sunday. We changed from iPhones (which I swore I’d never leave!) to the Galaxy S5. Woah! What a difference. The screen is HUGE! And, the camera…way better. Not to mention all the cool features it has. All I did Monday was play on it, getting my settings just right, finding apps that would make it more efficient. So much fun!!

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