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Guitars and Life… that is the name of this blog, and my other one too!  This is the one about life stuff I should talk about it, but first a story about a guitar!  haha…

I’m “friends” with a bunch of guitar related pages, people etc. on Facebook.  One of them John Birch guitars pointed out over the weekend that an original 1970s John Birch guitar was up for sale on the old eBay.  I jogged on over to have a look.  It was a single cut away (les paul similar) body but with a more SG control layout – i.e. the pickup selector switch down below your playing hand.  It had loads of brushed metal knobs 6 in all… bit of a knob fest (that’ll bring some new interesting readers to this blog no doubt… hello…  Goodbye…).   As soon as I opened the page there was an involuntary intake of breath and I muttered “Oh dear could be in trouble here”.  My wife sighed and looked at it.  “NO!”.  “Sorry?” “NO!  You were moaning we are short of finances the other day.  You don’t need it”.  “But since I was 13 I’ve wanted a John Birch.  Look at it.”  *stony look at me not the guitar* “If that goes for that price that’ll be an incredible bargain.”  *heavily loaded stony look – silence – she went*…

Roll forward 48 hours.  I knew the auction finished at 4:30 pm on Tuesday, I’d looked twice on Monday, no bidders, I asked a question about the control layout and pickups, I looked on Tuesday lunchtime – 1 bid but still only £500.  I expected to be in a round of important meetings until late Tuesday but we had a break just before… 4:30pm.  I looked again… still £500 only minutes to go.  I’m in turmoil if it goes for that I’ll kick myself to death wishing I’d bid for it.  I’m just summing up the courage to bid about £650 and cross my fingers my wife will be understanding again when like a one arm bandit the price starts rising on each refresh of the screen topping out in less than a minute of (presumably) automated bidding at £1,750!  Well however much I’ve wanted a John Birch it isn’t £1,750 much of wanting oneI have to be honest on that!

Moral of the story?  Don’t know but this thing dominated my thoughts for 48 hours.  I obsessed about it ridiculously – I mean it is only a guitar at the end of the day.  Why am I telling you all this – because this has obvious parallels with drinking behaviour, the obsession the ignoring boundaries – like my wife had definitely not agreed, in fact had expressed indicated she was against it.. still I was prepared to bid on it since “It was a bargain”… so my own justification in the face of others disagreement with my actions etc.   See all the parallels with drinking and other addictive behaviour.   Now the good news is, today I’m not back on eBay chasing another guitar, I’m being honest about what happened and I can smile/laugh at my daftness but it is still all there lurking.  Luckily the obsession and desire wasn’t for a drink but I’m sure my brain could get there eventually if left unchecked, unchallenged and unquestioned.

So… a life lesson with a guitar at its heart… fits the blog doesn’t it?

In other good news… Daughter-of-Furtheron has completed her A levels and gone off to Greece on her first adult holiday with her boyfriend.  She has decided nearly 100% now not to do the course she is currently signed up for in Sept.  She’s had a long hard think and look at herself the course her interests and desires.  She is hoping now that through clearing she will be able to get onto a different course at our local university.  We’ll see – or a year out and through the application process again.  Parental support time needed I think.

Son-of-Furtheron has completed the first year of his PhD and all is well – he may well be a published scientific author soon… I’m so so pleased for him and so proud of his hard work and achievements…

Mrs F is having a tough time at where she works.  Some personality clashes between two other members of staff have left her picking up other work and not able to get the change in work that she’d been promised for next year.  She isn’t particularly happy about it all and the atmosphere where she works is frankly a bit toxic currently.  For the first time in over 10 years her cv is up to date… so might be some spousal encouragement and support needed there soon too.

Life ticks on…

Oh me… well when not obsessing about obscure 1970s British built guitars I’m just slowly beginning to panic about my exam which is next week!

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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9 Responses to Life stuff…

  1. sherryd32148 says:

    So glad to see you out here. I’ve been struggling with some old habits as well so, as we say in the states, I feel ya bro.

    Glad the offspring are doing well and so sad that Mrs. F is dealing with a toxic work siituation. Nothing can kick your ass worse than a work environment – it sucks the lifeblood out of you. Three words…change the sheets.

    And as for your exam? Oh puhleeeeeease. You are going to pass that sucker with flying colors!!!

    On a different note…I think I’m now addicted to soccer…who knew?

    And finally, we had an instructor from London teaching some of our classes last week. Just before he left on Monday, I told him to have a happy 4th of July. He didn’t think it was funny. Hmmmmm…wonder why?


    • furtheron says:

      soccer? It’s is football here… 😉 Yes well it is a sad day when the USA get further in the world cup than we do! Oh well roll on the rugby world cup

  2. I must still have a good dose of my alcoholic thinking because I was pulling for you making a last second bid and getting the guitar at a bargain.

  3. I got you on this one, Graham! I am sorry about the guitar though 😦

    Justification, rationalization….one more drink, oh I’ll come up with some excuse, just another one, oh it’s too late to call, might as well stay out more…and so on and so on. What drama we used to live. And yeah, there are times I can lie to my wife about something (usually a small thing) but it eats me up inside. Old behaviour likes to creep in or old thoughts…and while they might come out, I have no stomach for it…and that is where the discomfort is. i am actually glad that I find that stuff distasteful now…or I’d be in trouble!

    Thanks for sharing this, and glad to hear the kids are well…and sorry to hear about Mrs. F. hopefully things will work out in a good way.

  4. byebyebeer says:

    Those auction snipers ruined eBay for me. It’s very easy to get swept up in wanting something like that, I totally understood what you must have been feeling. And yet you let it go and moved on, the true sign of your recovery. Good luck in your exam!

  5. Congrats to your daughter.
    Congrats to your son.
    All good wishes to your wife on her work predicament.
    Break a leg on your exam.

  6. daisyfae says:

    Such admiration for your self-awareness! Your ability to step back and reflect on your own behaviour and motives, sort it all out, and move onward is tremendous! Congrats to your son as well! Your daughter will find her way – it just might be on a few unpaved roads. And best wishes to your wife — may things level out for her, and the toxicity decrease soon. That’s a bit of misery when you have to drag yourself to such an environment every day…

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