Monday we had are last meet up officially on the course. We only had to hand in our signed portfolio of work to be assigned then we did an ending ceremony and went to have something to eat. It was all really nice but suddenly… that is it. Now a few of us (the majority) will be going on to next year and the next level but some aren’t, one is jumping a year, she’s been the stand out student frankly always knew it before we did it as she has a job where she’s in all but name a counsellor already, a couple can’t do next year as they have other commitments looming so plan to continue but after some time out. But very significantly the lady who has been our tutor is not following us. I think there is value in that getting a new and different perspective from another experienced professional but she has been so supportive, encouraging and helpful it is a sadness to not be working with her again. We clubbed together and I was dispatched to buy a couple of plants for her as we know she is a keen gardener. She was genuinely bowled over I think by that.

So now to wait until middle August for the final result then we will all hopefully come back together once more for a little presentation evening but now I have to wait until the beginning of Oct before I’m back in the harness of learning.

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4 Responses to Farewells

  1. fern says:

    I hear a sense of resignation, as it sounds like you are eager to keep going with the program and all the people you’ve been with, but the end of this part of the journey has come. You are a kind, sensitive soul and it’s good to tap into your feelings; but let them go, my friend, new adventures await!

    xoxo Fern

  2. sherryd32148 says:

    Take some time to yourself. You’ve certainly earned it! Bravo.


  3. Suburbia says:

    So glad you are continuing – I’m a long way behind you but hope to go the whole journey. I know what you mean about losing people along the way, The few that I am moving on with are lovely but out of the people I’d have chosen to move on with one has just found out she is pregnant so deciding to continue later and the other is delaying a year because of finance. Our tutor is not taking the next course either and I will miss her a lot – particularly her calmness. On the other hand it will be good to get to know a new group. Onwards and upwards – enjoy your award ceremony 🙂

    (and thanks for your comments at mine – lets compare notes at some point!)

  4. Elsie Amata says:

    I agree, Graham. Sometimes it’s good to have someone else lead. So much can be learned from everyone’s different perspectives and teaching methods. Hope you enjoy this time off for a bit.

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