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Anyone who has boobled about AA for anytime will probably have heard the term “Home Group”. Now for a long time for me that was just one of the meetings I went to regularly. I went to reasonably close ones physically to where I live where I liked the people who went there and could relate well to the sharing. To be honest nothing at all wrong with any of that. Overtime I served tea, put the literature out, washed up, introduced new comers, encouraged relapsers, handed out chips, went to intergroup etc. etc. Now the group which for over 9 years of my recovery I was a pretty certain fixture around the table is held on the same evening the classes on my counselling course are held. So last September I had to break away from that group. I thought that would not be too big a deal really, I mean 9 years sober, made of steel I am…

Well in truth for the first few weeks I really did feel a bit cut off, like I had been uprooted and turned to face a new way entirely. I found another group I like on a different evening a bit further away but with a great membership and go there regularly now, that group presented me with my 10 year chip. I still have my 9 year chip whereas I normally return it to the group coffers.

Now my course is over for the summer and so I went back to my old home group this week. It was very much like going home, it just has a feeling about it. Sitting in the chair to lead off the sharing was a guy who is in his late 70s who came in a few weeks after me, he has just received his 10 year chip. I remember vividly his first meeting it was I think my second with that group after I came out of rehab. Another lady received her 1 year chip and cake was cut and shared and tears shed…. I remembered that group presenting me with my first year chip and a regular there giving me a little gift she’d bought me… Important stuff. I may only be there a few more weeks then on my enforced break from it again but my heart will never leave that place because where the heart lies there is home. That is why I call it a home group and always will…

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6 Responses to Home Group

  1. sherryd32148 says:

    So lovely. And the heart knows what the heart knows right? So happy you have this place to call home.

    People always ask what’s the secret to sobriety…no secret folks…it’s in the above post.


  2. byebyebeer says:

    This was so nice to read. I had a home group that I fell out of due to a personality clash with another member that turned me off. I know I could go back and one day might, though the day and time don’t work now anyway. I still keep in touch with several members from that small group, so that is my way of connecting with the support and comfort from my old “home” group. Glad you found your way back to yours.

  3. Oy this was a bit hard to read, Graham. I don’t really have a homegroup and never really did. My schedule is a cluster-you-know-what and my schedule changes weekly. Every. Single. Week. Different days off. Different shifts. I can’t plan anything with my family, let alone have a homegroup and comittments. I have yet to have that feeling of missing people and of being missed in AA. Sure I know some blokes, etc. but I am more of a meeting gypsy. meeting here, meeting there, sometimes I can knock out two meetings in a row at the same group, but then I am unable to go for months. I have had some groups I really loved, and went to many meetings, but then the schedule hit and then I am not there in a year. or more.

    So I am really happy to read that it’s like home…I mean, that’s the point, right? Having people miss you, and you being able to be there consistently. That’s where I stumble in the program (or at least the fellowship). Maybe one day I will have that pleasure of being tight-knit with others, but in the meantime, I will gladly stick to my blogging / social media homegroup. No cookies, but can swing by any time.


  4. Dani says:

    A beautiful post, Graham. Thank you for sharing your heart.


  5. daisyfae says:

    i felt something similar when i returned to the same building i’d worked in for 27 years, after a 3 year stint in another building about a half of a mile away… but given the depth of emotion, and degree of life transformations you’ve experienced with your home group through the years, it’s wonderful that you were able to go home again – and feel welcomed!

  6. I think if I went back to visit NJ where I first started attending AA, the group that I considered my home group there would still feel comfortable, even if I didn’t recognize anyone there.

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