And So It Ends…

I sat my exam at the end of my introductory counselling course yesterday. For regular readers/followers you’ll know that I’ve been considering for a long time what I’m really doing. Like so many I woke up in my middle age in a job that I could do but frankly had long lost the passion for. At first I blamed this on being with the same firm for nearly 20 years, who whilst offering me a ridiculously high salary and benefits package including a redundancy package that made it virtually certifiable to quit on your own volition and lots of opportunities over the years a long term slow decline at the UK site I worked at wasn’t conducive to good vibes. When I left – 4 years ago this week – I wanted to try something new but as ever the pull of salary offers and thinking “Maybe somewhere will be different” led to me spending 3 years in other jobs but coming to the same conclusion. “I’d rather be doing something else.” So I decided last year to go part time at work – well they offered that when I said I’d be leaving – and embarked on a counselling skills course.

This has culminated with the externally assessed examination which I took yesterday. a years worth of work condensed into 90mins of exam. Of course afterwards part of you resent having revised all the definitions that they didn’t ask you about but I felt somewhat happier with my answers overall than I did in the mock exam we had a month back which I actually passed well above the 60% needed to be deemed proficient and awarded the qualification. I can therefore only now wait until mid August for the results but with a reasonable degree of confidence.

I’ve signed up already for the obvious next step the next level course again one year where you build on the skills already learnt but some more theory is introduced around the main schools of counselling theory which I’m keen to learn about and have already found myself reading bits in the text books I have obtained this year to gain an insight.

But this is an ending – that came home to me when we last met as a group with the tutor for our last revision class last week. We meet again next week but that is some quick formalities on handing in our portfolios for assessment and then we’re off for a meal to celebrate. A few are planning to go onto the next stage like me so the core of the group will continue but some won’t be for various reasons, including the one I’ve worked most closely with. Funny for me the end date was until recently just that – the end date. Now it has some emotion attached to it. They’ve been a really great group, hugely supportive and encouraging of everyone and always willing to provide great feedback on your performance etc. We’ve had no internal competitions and any bickering at all – it’s been a real real pleasure.

Anyway… all good things do come to an end. Hopefully I’ll be writing something similar next year when I reach the end of that course too.

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12 Responses to And So It Ends…

  1. Mid August?!?! That’s awful. It’ll be a long, hot summer.

    Listen, there’s nothing wrong with working for a lifestyle. I don’t supposed you’d have a room full of guitars if it hadn’t been for that lucrative, albeit somewhat unsatisfying, job. It’s where we all end up sooner or later. Well done for aiming higher, but don’t have any regrets about the 20-year path you walked.

    Don’t know why but I thought “…so it ends” meant you were going to bugger off blogging. I want to register my strong objection. There’ll be none of that for you.

  2. C says:

    The beauty of you having aspirations and ambitions in the field of counselling is that it’s exactly those previous work experiences and the self-awareness, wisdom and understanding of human behaviour acquired over those 20+ years that give you the right credentials… Now if you’d said you wanted to be a ballet dancer it might be more problematic. Although you shouldn’t rule anything out, of course…
    Wishing you lots of luck for your exam results.

  3. elsieamata says:

    It’s not always the end of something, more like a new beginning. I’m glad you will still have a core group to progress with into your next class. Hubby went through the same thing when he went to school. The further along he advanced, the more people he left behind.

  4. sherryd32148 says:

    I just love that you’ve done this! I wish I had the means and the courage. For now I’ll just live vicariously through you. Congratulations on completing this year (has it been a whole year? Wow!) I know you’ll be writing this again next year (and I’ll be saying…has it been two years already!)


  5. Congrats Graham! I know you’ve been talking about this for a while and bam! here it is…done. Must be a great feeling to have this finished, no? I am really happy for you to be doing what you are doing – leaving something good and secure and following your heart. We talk about that a
    lot, but we don’t do enough of it, and you’re doing it…so bravo to you! I need more of that in my life, so this is very inspiring, kind sir.

    Congrats again and look forward to hearing how things are going!


  6. fern says:

    Hey, congrats on finishing the course! I find this post inspirational. It takes courage to branch out into a new field and study to get further than you would otherwise be able to. I’m between jobs and I’m unsure about what to do next. I keep looking at job posting that were exactly what I just left behind and I’m not feeling it! You are showing me that I have more opportunities than I think I do.


  7. daisyfae says:

    Congratulations on completing the first year! i always seem to see endings as beginnings – and conversely, with every beginning, i start to prepare for the end. Finding a means to pursue a career of substance, giving up part of what has provided sustenance, is something i consider brave. Here’s to what lies ahead of you!

  8. Congratulations! I looked forward to hearing how the next phase goes for you. Sounds like you’re on a good path.

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