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Parenting – tick!

The week my daughter has started her first full time job.  She’s worked since she was 15 as a swimming teacher, barista at the local coffee shop, student ambassador etc.  However this the first full time job she’s ever had.  … Continue reading

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Why DID I drink?

An Anaesthetic for the Mind and Soul… To be honest to a large extend this question is a moot one.  The only thing that really matters is that I can’t drink safely so accept that move on.  I’ve done that … Continue reading

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Funerals and Family

Today I attended the funeral of a dear AA friend. She’d been around a long time sober, she was gentle, loving, caring – a person I may not see for months but would ask me how I am and then … Continue reading

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Quiet on here…

I’ve realised that I mostly make drafts of posts in the morning on the train to work. I’ve not been to work since before Easter until today – hence my silence on the blog front. Also I’ve been doing very … Continue reading

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