Looking Back, Looking Forward

That time of year isn’t it.  Why is 23:59 on 31st Dec any different to 23:59 any other day?  Well an artificial man made thing to do with calendars that Julius Caesar had a hand in along with Pope Gregory XIII.  Clearly not a superstitious man.  I was musing on this on one of Mrs F’s and my walks this holiday period saying to me that it would make more sense if our calendar was aligned to the solstice and that marked the turning of the year – why it is 10 days later seems odd to me.  Of course the adoption in the UK in 1750 meant my forebears lost 11 days when the date jumped.  Also it partly explains the stupid UK tax year start date – it had until then historically been Lady Day in March but jumped the 11 days into April, there’s another added day for some reason – anyway hence 6th April.  Frankly all nuts.

Back to 23:59:59 31st Dec 2016 then.  There we all were, drinks in hand – Horlicks in my case and a Hot Chocolate for Mrs F – how the big times roll hey?!  And the next second… 23:59:59 – WHAT!!!   Was this some bizarre time warp was 2016 never going to end?  Was it wanting to claim another famous victim before it finally went, would 2017 ever come.  Then 00:00:00.   Phew!!!

So did you notice the leap second?  Well 2016 was a second longer than most years as we have to adjust our super accurate physics derived atomic frequency driven reference clocks as the old earth is just so darn slow, and slowing down hence the need for the extra second.  What did you do with yours?

2016 – not a year I frankly look back on with much love.  I’ve not been well through a lot of it – my first ever need for surgery for example.  My Ménières Disease issues.  Then the widespread culling of celebrities starting with Bowie (Lemmy was actually just in 2015) and end with George Michael.  Then politically.  I won’t go on about it as I’m still trying to come to terms with living in a country where I seem at complete odds with the majority of the population now it seems.  Where did the country I thought I knew go?  Well in June it took a massive step to the right and I’m not comfortable with it at all.   But we weren’t alone as USA seemingly followed suit and now it seems you can dictate policy for the largest and most powerful democracy in the world in 140 character tweets.  To say I’m sad is an gross understatement.

On a personal note somethings have been good this year – my studies have gone well and I secured the placement I wanting, even if at times that been a challenge and been frustrating.

Let’s look forward then.  2017 will hopefully see me qualify as a counsellor, at least on the course and exam even if I don’t have the requisite hours this year.  However in working in placement and talking to many others it does seem like there is precious little chance of paid employment.  That was my initial plan a big career change.  I can’t see that happening now.  I do see myself continuing to work in the voluntary sector, thereby exacerbating the issue of no paid employment but using my skills for good for those that can’t afford the £40 a week and upwards that private therapy with an experienced counsellor would cost them.

With a busy schedule of work, study, placement, recovery stuff etc. I’ll not make any outlandish resolutions I know I’ll fail to keep but I do hope to do some more stuff musically this year and some other fun stuff too.  First off we have Son-of-Furtheron’s PhD graduation to attend later this month.  I really impressed myself sorting out the cheapest ticket option on the train to get there – that possibly should entitle me to some form of honorary award – seriously why is it that so difficult!

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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9 Responses to Looking Back, Looking Forward

  1. Paul S says:

    Happy New Year Graham!
    I am excited to hear that your studies are going well, although not delighted in the fact that there is a paucity in jobs in your new field. But I do love that you love what you are doing, that that is amazing – that is something not many people can say. In many ways you are living the dream. I admire that. And I hope that your surgery went well.

    Looking forward in catching up with you here!!


  2. Happy New Year, Graham!
    I am sorry about your not getting a placement in counseling, but it is great that you are willing to be a volunteer!
    You are a busy guy, so I hope you have much fun this year!
    PS – I just am so nervous about the future here in the states.
    I have stopped watching news as it’s too anxiety producing for me.

    • furtheron says:

      I’m the same with the Brexit stuff here. Looks like we are walking into a wilderness lead by the deaf and blind currently. Also the whole tone frightens me and has historical echoes here in Europe – I fear for the whole of Europe for the coming decade frankly esp with a USA leadership that looks less friendly to follow compromise lead group decisions such as have dominated since WWII and more determined to be friends with one of Europe’s perennial enemies.

      • Ugh. It’s getting worse by the minute here.
        I go back and forth between anxiety and anger.
        Or both at the same time.
        And I feel powerless, although I know I can write or call some of my senators.

  3. Only one second longer? Seemed interminable.
    Where did YOUR country go wrong?! It could be worse. Take it from me.
    Happy New Year, sir. It’s always a pleasure to visit here.

  4. Suburbia says:

    I’m with you on so much of last year, not comfortable with it either.

    Good luck on your placement – I hope to start mine sometime early summer but graduation way off into 2018 and longer depending on completing hours, as you say.

    I really hope you get paid work. Is it just your area or generally no work? There seems a lot of long waiting lists here but that’s more agency based I think. I’m not looking yet!

    At the moment it’s just hard work!

    Happy new year to you, I hope 2017 is better health wise for you.

  5. looby says:

    Happy New Year Graham and all the best for next year. The world of paid work for men our age seems ever more remote up here in the northwest too, but there’s nothing we can do about it really — we’ll need ever fewer people working in the future — and you never know, it might be an opportunity for us to redistribute work better. There seems to be a small number of people working 60 hours a week and millions under- and unemployed.

  6. Liz Hinds says:

    I’d give you an honorary degree for working out train prices!
    You’re not alone in mourning the move to the right – although I’ve learned not to mention it to many in the circles in which i move as I know I’ll be ridiculed.
    An extra second? Why did no-one tell me before? No wonder I’m finding it so hard to catch up with myself.
    Happy New Year to you and Mrs F!

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