What a week!

Where to begin. Firstly the good stuff…

We had a superb day out in Leicester for my son’s PhD graduation. So unbelievably proud of him. We took the train up, booked into a hotel then met up with him and his girlfriend. Once he had the gown and silly hat on we went to have official photos done then off to De Montford Hall for the ceremony.  Impressive organ btw.  Afterwards we popped into his old department then had a celebration curry to cap what was a really fantastic day. 

I had part one of my exam. So pleased it could all be moved to accommodate my son’s day. I think I did ok but you rely on the assessor agreeing with you don’t you?  Part 2, the written paper, this coming week… fingers crossed.  

Now the rubbish. I got one of those calls you dread at 4pm Monday. My daughter was outside my mother-in-law’s house unable to get an answer. My wife arrived as I started leaving London. She couldn’t get in as the door was locked. By the time I got there the ambulance crew had arrived and smashed a window to get in. She’d fallen and couldn’t get up butto nothing else amiss.  At least she now has accepted, however ungraciously, some help. 

We’ve been calling in, one of us, daily to check on her and my daughter called when we were away moaning that she wasn’t using some of the equipment.  So frustrating. 

If that wasn’t enough stress and on the coldest week so far this winter our boiler failed and we’re still waiting for it to be fixed. 

All that in 7 days or less.  

Glad I don’t drink anymore frankly I’d have been accelerating and exacerbating all the high and low emotions and not helping the situation at all.  People in AA often claim God will only give them enough stuff that they can deal with at any one time. Given I don’t believe in some omnipotent interfering being like that anyway this stretches my “faith”.  But I hear people say these things that makes me then think, it is still stuff I can deal with without needing a drink. 

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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15 Responses to What a week!

  1. Suburbia says:

    Good luck for your next exam 🙂

  2. Paul S says:

    Hey Graham – congrats on the lad getting his PhD! That must be so exciting for you guys!

    And sorry to hear about your MIL – is she ill?

    As for the faith thing – I guess I sometimes look at it as being able to shoulder what life will toss at me. I think I am able to shoulder more now, as I have matured (somewhat) since those tender days of trembling my way through meetings. Perhaps this is faith in self, in managing expectations and situations and looking at the big picture. God need not be in the equation if you look it at that way? I don’t know – just thinking aloud here (see, you got me thinking now!)

    Hope all is well, kind sir! (and keep warm!)


  3. HealthyJenn says:

    Congrats to you and your son. And I’m glad your MIL is okay. I think it must be hard to accept help when you’re older.

  4. The bitter and the sweet.

    It seems as long as we’re sober we are having a good day!

  5. looby says:

    Congrats to your son and I hope he goes on to have a successful career on the back of all that effort.

    The boiler at Kirsty’s house has been out of action for a fortnight now, and trying to get the engineers round is like pulling teeth. Six months old and it’s already packed in. Wish we’d never changed it.

  6. Congrats to your son. It’s not an easy accomplishment or everyone would do it. I agree with that last paragraph. People don’t give themselves enough credit. They’re always looking for a mystical explanation, even when it comes to their own strength.

  7. Hi Graham!
    Kudos to your son!
    And I will keep my fingers crossed for your exam Part 2!
    My mom is 91 and it took a LONG time for her to agree to move out of her house and accept help.
    I am so glad she did and now she lives with my brother, and he takes good care of her.
    We are strong.
    I am much stronger than I think, as I think I am a weakling.

  8. byebyebeer says:

    Sorry to hear about your music there in law and I hope things settle and improve there. Great news about your son’s accomplishment, a wonderful milestone, with you fully present to appreciate it all.

  9. byebyebeer says:

    Sorry to hear about your mother in law and I hope things settle and improve there. Great news about your son’s accomplishment, a wonderful milestone, with you fully present to appreciate it all.

  10. byebyebeer says:

    Sorry, tried to correct that in time. (Fat fingers typing on phone.)

  11. Congrats on your sons accomplishment! How wonderful!
    Sorry to hear about your MIL.

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