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Just when you need it…

Having blogged about the current health situation and that my daughter has started her full time job to sum up with Mrs F returning to work at school for the beginning of the new school year this week suddenly I’ve … Continue reading

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Funerals and Family

Today I attended the funeral of a dear AA friend. She’d been around a long time sober, she was gentle, loving, caring – a person I may not see for months but would ask me how I am and then … Continue reading

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Where am I with AA?

I posted a couple of weeks ago about how I was feeling about AA.  There wasn’t a real conclusion in that post other than I was disturbed with AA a bit and how I was feeling like I should drop … Continue reading

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The Chance to Speak

A few weeks back I wasn’t sharing in meetings regularly, I wasn’t talking to other alcoholics much.  I was as they say “isolating” – this was in the middle of the phase of “This is a disaster why did I … Continue reading

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