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Comfortable in My Skin

I commented on Sherry’s Blog about being Comfortable in Your Own Skin… I thought I’d talk about it here as it is so important to me these days. I first heard this phrase when on some Management Skills Development Course. This … Continue reading

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The Newcomer

On Wednesday evening I headed to one of my home groups.  It has become quiet small lately, some groups do this waves or attendance go up and down, it’s been as high as 15 – 20 regulars but is now … Continue reading

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Where it says “God”

For myself this was a major hurdle in adopting the AA 12 steps.  “God” – there was that word, it appears in steps 3, 5, 6 and 11 explicitly and implicitly in 2 and 7 – well in 7 “Him” … Continue reading

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