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Arrogance of Man

I was watching a news report last night about the tornado in Texas. The devastation it had left is awful and my heart goes out to those affected. However I was struck, again, with how an official giving a news … Continue reading

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So it has happened folks on All Hallow’s Eve – hence the video below – I entered the world of the retired.  Still not sure what’s really going on frankly.  I signed all the various clauses in the 20 page … Continue reading

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Is it me?

Is it me or are we living in a mad, mad, mad world currently? I watch from across the water the daily soap opera that is the Trump administration.  Funny when Rex Tillerton was announced my heart sank, he personified … Continue reading

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Funerals and Family

Today I attended the funeral of a dear AA friend. She’d been around a long time sober, she was gentle, loving, caring – a person I may not see for months but would ask me how I am and then … Continue reading

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Quiet on here…

I’ve realised that I mostly make drafts of posts in the morning on the train to work. I’ve not been to work since before Easter until today – hence my silence on the blog front. Also I’ve been doing very … Continue reading

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Comfortable in My Skin

I commented on Sherry’s Blog about being Comfortable in Your Own Skin… I thought I’d talk about it here as it is so important to me these days. I first heard this phrase when on some Management Skills Development Course. This … Continue reading

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When I grow up I want to be…

When I was growing up the answer to this changed no doubt like it did for many people.  From an early age it was to be a guitarist/singer – that was the dream.  With the splitting of the Beatles it … Continue reading

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Drinking Dreams

As ever I say I’m taking a bloggin break and then… something happens. This time – a nasty little drinking dream. In general I’ve been having some bloody weird dreams lately such as being in a cabin place somewhere and … Continue reading

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