Arrogance of Man

I was watching a news report last night about the tornado in Texas. The devastation it had left is awful and my heart goes out to those affected. However I was struck, again, with how an official giving a news conference described it. I’ll paraphrase. It went something like. “We’ve got houses levelled, destroyed and turn on their heads. It looks like a bomb went off.” I remember a recent report of the after effects of the cyclone had hit eastern Africa earlier this year a reported walking among the debris saying “It looks like a warzone”.

Interesting isn’t it that mother nature in both these events has shown just how vulnerable we humans are; that despite all our technological advances etc. that when nature decides a cyclone or tornado is going to go that way there’s nothing we can do. Or a hurricane or a tsunami or a volcano eruption. However we decide to compare mother nature to human induced destruction…. “like a bomb”…. “like a warzone”.

We don’t see reporters walking through the ravaged cities of Syria or Yemen saying – “looks like a cyclone hit” or “as bad as a tornado”. Also (with the exception of the bomb analogy) actually to look like a warzone takes time for us to bring that level of destruction a tornado, hurricane, cyclone, tsunami, volcano etc. can do it is minutes, seconds even.

Still we compare it to man made efforts. We really have so little respect for nature and so much arrogance as a species currently is my overriding thought on it.

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2 Responses to Arrogance of Man

  1. C says:

    That’s such a good point, I hadn’t picked up on it before but you are SO right! I am becoming increasingly misanthropic… I love many individual human beings (ok, more like just a few) but I can’t stand us as a species!!! The world would be a better place without us, not that I’m wishing it upon us of course. I just wish we could and would change our awful arrogant, selfish, greedy, pathetic ways.

  2. I get annoyed when they apply war metaphors to sports. As if a football or baseball game could actually be anything like a battlefield. Please.

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