Memory jolt….

In a conversation with someone the other day I suddenly remembered a film. Silent Running. Made in 1972 it was, IMHO, years ahead of its time.

A brief synopsis which I hope isn’t too spoiler filled for those that have not seen it. Set in the future where mankind have so polluted earth that plants can’t live. So a fleet of space craft have a set a pods on them, greenhouses in effect, that hold the last plants, trees etc saved. They are waiting to be told to return to earth to allow the reforestation to begin. However they get told to jettison the pods and return to earth for commercial work instead.

The rest of the film is about a scientist on one of the ships and his struggle with that decision and what he does about it.

Made in 1972 remember its themes about pollution of the planet ring so more true today 47 years later. There are little drones etc all pre star wars etc. Bruce Dern is the star.

I remember seeing the film on TV in the mid 70s. I’d have been mid teens. I remember I cried my eyes out at the finale (I’ll leave you to watch the movie or read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia!).

For years and years afterwards I often told people it was one of my favourite films. But I haven’t seen it or thought about it in ages until this conversation sparked my memory.

And then I was set off thinking. I’d have seen this film a year, maybe two, before I began to regularly drink. I remember my family laughing and chastising me in a jovial “pull yourself together” as I cried at that film. Outward strong emotional outbursts weren’t encouraged for the men of the family.

This film isn’t why I’m an alcoholic but it suddenly struck me why I liked alcohols ability to numb my emotions so well. Why I did then abuse it’s use for 25 years to numb those emotions. That memory is symptomatic of why alcohol enticed me into its lair.

Now it’s accepted in my nuclear family that I can be quite emotional about films, news stories etc. Me weeping at DIY SOS or appeal films etc is not uncommon and met with “oh dear Dad’s gone again”. I cried like mad over that flypast for the guy in the Sheffield park just because he’d remembered those airmen sacrifice to save him and his friends 75 years ago and his amazing dedication to the memorial there.

I’m thinking I must buy a copy of Silent Running and watch it again to see if I still cry at the end 40 years on.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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8 Responses to Memory jolt….

  1. Hi Graham!
    This touched me!
    Hubs doesn’t cry, I’ve only seen him get teary eyed a few times.
    It’s really hard for men.
    I don’t remember that film, but I cry for our planet every day.

  2. Ainsobriety says:

    The synopsis reminds me of wal-E.

    I drank to dull emotions too. I’m struggling with that now. The emotions are excruciating sons day. And I would love to stop them. I thought about drinking…probably the most seriously in 5 years.
    But I do know that the way to get through this is to let those emotions out. I keep listening to Ram Das. I like the idea that these emotions are a gift. They are the experiences I choose when I became Anne.

    Somehow that helps me. Embracing the belief this is all how it is supposed to be.

    Thank you for this memory. I’m going to look for the movie.


    • furtheron says:

      Andrew Stanton who wrote and directed Wall-e states Silent Running as an influence on that film
      There’s the old AA adage…. “Good news is you get your emotions back. Bad news is… You get your emotions back.”

  3. angharad says:

    great post. the thing i like about men in aa is that they can express their emotions without embarrassment. as someone said in a meeting th other day “it would not have been the done thing to go to the pub and say i am feeling a bit fearful today”!

  4. Haven’t heard of that one. I would say I’d put it on my watch list but then I’d have to admit that nothing gets watched on my watch list.

    And as far as dealing with family emporiums, I need to read more posts like this. I’m altogether bad with that topic.

  5. I remember the movie poster, for some reason. And the little robots.

  6. mercyjm says:

    I remember the film, it was really sad, and I cried buckets every time I saw it.

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