So it has happened folks on All Hallow’s Eve – hence the video below – I entered the world of the retired.  Still not sure what’s really going on frankly.  I signed all the various clauses in the 20 page legal mumbo jumbo that means I can’t tell you, my wife, my dead budgie or even probably myself what the terms of the deal were.   Really at £215 an hour for the lawyer charges most of the payment could have been lost anyway in him reading out incomprehensible sentences which he then tried to explain in common parlance.  I think I’m quite intelligent but this stuff was just mind bogglingly obfuscated!

I’ve not yet taken the pension – the one from my last employer isn’t fantastic – it actually is a good pension (despite the days of industrial action we had earlier in the year complaining about the changes) it’s just having only worked there 7 years and most of that part time the amount I get is only enough for us to keep the wolf from the door for about 3 months of a year.   Anyway I have some young sharp suited guy looking at my options for me.  Come 2019 I will have to start drawing some pension of find alternative work which will be a challenge.

On my last day – remember I’ve only been in the office on 4 days since the beginning of this year and signed off sick completely since June – I wondered about sending a farewell message.  In the end I sent it to a selected bunch of folks who I’ve worked with closely over the years.  I half expected them to wonder who the hell I was after all this time.  I was more than a little startled, shocked and very pleasantly surprised to get back some nice replies here are just two that particularly touched me.

may I thank you for all the hard work and devotion you have put in

It has been an absolute pleasure and an honour to have worked with you the last few years

Those were from a couple of my major customers so I can say that I did provide some value in the role I did.

Give the song a listen – my favourite halloween song from one of my favourite bands and from a shed – I mean what’s not to love!

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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7 Responses to Retired

  1. Hubs just retired, and so far he says it feels like a long vacation.
    Just figuring out all of our Medicare Health Options was crazy. We have a youngster helping us, too!
    How are you doing with your vertigo?
    I just had my second cochlear implant surgery. Will get “turned on” next week!

  2. £215/hour makes me think I should’ve gotten into the lawyering business. Too late.

    Pensions have ended here. Now there are 401k accounts. Do you know what that is? It places the burden of saving on the individual vs. the company. I can’t wait to retire. I wish it started yesterday. Ironically, I’ll probably never be able to retire.

  3. Liz Hinds says:

    I hope you get the money sorted. retirement is fun but not if you have to worry where your next penny is coming from. As for legalese, both sons have been buying houses and asking husband to ‘go over the paperwork’ for them. It takes so long to fathom. I’m glad I have Husband to do it for me. Yes, i am a stereotypical wife.

  4. daisyfae says:

    Congratulations! Although not everyone has the option to retire at such a young age, it is still a significant life transition – in your case made even more complex due to your medical issues, and that you haven’t been able to work much this year.

    i’m about a year and a half into retirement – and have been surprised at how hard it has been in some respects to get my head around not working. i have always worked. from my first job at 16, i have had a job (or two). So very strange not to have one. Deliberately filled in some of that with volunteer ‘jobs’ and boards, but my recreational travel has made it hard for me to be a reliable volunteer.

    Hoping that the past few weeks have allowed you to start the adjustment! And that the suited person has helped figure out the best financial strategy for you! Best of luck!

  5. hello – i retired through i’ll health and luckily was able to draw my pension early – life is a lot easier these days! i’m in recovery and i live with a guitar obsessed man so i am going to send him the link to your other blog.

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