Just when you need it…

Having blogged about the current health situation and that my daughter has started her full time job to sum up with Mrs F returning to work at school for the beginning of the new school year this week suddenly I’ve been at home on my own a lot.  With all the stuff going on, this week could have been a downer.  So it is interesting that I bumped into a friend from my Monday AA group – now that one I’ve not been getting to since I had to stop driving earlier in the year.  This friend has moved but still attends that meeting and he passes through the town I live to get to the meeting.  It is a little bit of a detour for him to come by my house but he offered to do just that and so Monday I was able to get there.  I was able to catch up with several people I’ve not seen for a while.  One of them as we parted said “Nice to see you where you belong”.  Another friend picked me up last night to go to the Wednesday group I like – he’s been doing that a while for me too.  But to get to two meetings this week, when I’m alone at home, has bolstered my good feelings and was just what I needed just when I needed it….   Funny how things like that work isn’t it?

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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7 Responses to Just when you need it…

    • When I had my operations, 11 of them, I would feel so isolated after. Especially after my implant. In your case it’s extra hard, because you can’t drive. Have you started thinking of other ways to stay connected?
      Have you thought of writing a book?
      You are a gifted person!

      • furtheron says:

        You’re on the first to say write a book but I just can’t see that – firstly as demonstrated by proof reading my daughter’s thesis – my grammar knowledge is woeful! Secondly goodness knows what I’d write about – guitars probably but then I’d only be regurgitating stuff others have written much better beforehand.

  1. I get that. People tell me to write about getting sober, but I would just say the same thing a billion other people have!
    But still, our voices are unique, and there are always editors for grammar!
    Keith is retiring soon, so I’ll be getting matching orders from him! Lol
    I wish we lived close! I’d take you to coffee or tea!
    We could co write a book on going deaf, losing music, and how to cope. In your case it’s worse than mine.

  2. Mark Goodson says:

    Very jealous of the double-meeting week. I’m currently at one a week (went yesterday) and would, I think, be better off with two. I’m sorry to read your suffering from MD (appreciate the linkage because I didn’t know) It seems that there is never smooth sailing anywhere. I haven’t found any. I wish you and your daughter the best during this transition.

  3. What you put out in the world comes back to you. Those seemingly unexpected occurrences is kindness returned.

  4. Liz Hinds says:

    Some may call it coincidence, others call it God. Glad to here you’re being taken care.

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