Life on Life’s terms

The title above is a quote from the Big Book of AA.  It is one of the famous stories from the stories section in some of versions of the book.

I’ve recently reflected on it.  There’s a lot of tragedy around me right now.  My sponsor is having open heart surgery a few days after my ear operation is planned for.  He is I know worried about it – who wouldn’t be.  He was lucky it was found – he’s an arrhythmia that they need to fix by replacing a valve.  It was only picked up when he had an op to fix his knee last year.  So they are fixing it early before he has any attack etc.

A friend in AA lost a very young grandson tragically a few weeks ago.  Her son played in the same football team as my daugther’s boyfriend.  He was shocked when I told him the news.

My wife’s cousin died suddenly in a car crash last week.  She’d just got the all clear from cancer surgery and treatment.  How cruel.  He daughter is expecting in a few weeks and right at the start of this pregnancy had to bury her Dad.  Two parents lost in a few months.

As you all know I’ve been stuck largely at home all the time recently with my meniere’s issues.  We had all the stress of moving mother-in-law into the care home and then clearing and selling her house and me taking over all her financial concerns.

And I face this all, my sponsor and my friend in AA face it too – sober.  Actually that we don’t drink is remarkable.  14 years ago I was in the grip of my final days of drinking.  I was failing again to stop and couldn’t go a day without drinking to excess.  I couldn’t face work, a phone call, going out … whatever without planning the drink before, during or after.

Today I truly do face and accept life on life’s terms and I don’t need alcohol to deal with it.

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4 Responses to Life on Life’s terms

  1. Life is hard. I have accepted that fact.
    Being sober means I can live with that fact, and face the hard things, just as you said.
    I am sorry you have had some tough times going on in your family and friends.
    I have your ear operation on my calendar…the 17 of May, so I can send you prayers.

  2. ainsobriety says:

    That is a lot. So much sadness.
    My mom had open heart surgery and was up and at em in a few days. I was shocked at how easy it was.
    Praying for you.
    Hugs and love

  3. i very much relate to this – people in my life are going through the mill health wise at the moment. it is so hard to be helpful without taking too much on our shoulders. being in recovery at least gives us the tools to cope a bit better with life’s boulders!

  4. What a post! I am constantly questioning God’s existence. So much undeserved suffering. Why does it happen? But then the redemption at the end.

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