Is it me?

Is it me or are we living in a mad, mad, mad world currently?

I watch from across the water the daily soap opera that is the Trump administration.  Funny when Rex Tillerton was announced my heart sank, he personified the big corporate USA CEO.  I’ve worked for those people who’s every second sentence has to include “shareholder value”, “growth”, “acquisition” etc.  Then a year on I feel so sorry for the guy when he’s actually had a go at real diplomacy and recently been travelling in Africa trying to bridge the gap from the first world to the developing only to be sacked via a Tweet as he lands back in the land of the free.  Another in the long list of short lived officials in the current administration.  If I’d have written all this stuff as a script 4 years ago and pitched it to a studio they’d have laughed it off as totally unbelievable.

The UK blindly stumbles towards the economic suicide that is Brexit.  We’re now told that the “divorce bill” will not be paid off for 45 years. Almost exactly the same amount of time we’ve actually been in the EU and there’s not a murmur about what dumb idea this is.  Locally a recent study by Imperial College indicates that a route I could go and drive this morning in about 50 mins (Maidstone to Dover 45miles) will take about 5 hours with over 30 miles of tailbacks if only an additional 2 mins of checks are introduced once we are not in the customs union.  The bit that gets me is that our government continue to talk in soundbites and don’t look like addressing the real issues we need sorted in the next 12 months and largely the public don’t seem to care.

Still that is really all a mere side show to the Salisbury story.   Now whilst all hugely serious and worrying my daughter and I can’t help thinking the footage on the news looks too much like the Monsters Inc sock decontamination.

But seriously here’s my thinking…   Three people hurt by a nerve agent in a crowded city in the middle of a Sunday.  We’re told that the nerve agent is a Novichok – there’s something I was blissfully ignorant of a week ago. Supposedly the most deadly nerve agents produced and only produced by USSR in the 70s – 90s exposed in a post glasnost world in 1992.   The UK government therefore point the finger at the Russian Federation and say it is clear that they had a hand in this killing.  Now call me  a cynic but… if you decide to bump off some old spy, long since retire to tend to his roses in Southern England when you had him banged up in prison for some years after he’d been exposed; I’m a bit lost why you chose to use a substance that is the proverbial “smoking gun”.   Isn’t anyone looking at all this and saying – “All a bit too convenient this isn’t it?”

I suppose we the public will never fully know but I have to say this last week is certainly living up to the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction.

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5 Responses to Is it me?

  1. Over here, reality is getting so strange, because we have 2 “truths” going on. Or even more.
    I keep waiting for us to do something, but I wonder what?
    Of course if everyone voted who can vote, that would help.
    It’s all about money.

  2. Graham, you are so funny. That’s the *exact* same reaction I had to Rex Tillerson. From evil entity to victim. It’s Trump’s talent. I even have warm feelings towards George Bush, thanks to that maniac. Trump is right about one thing…Rex will be happier. He’s probably the happiest man in DC this morning.

    What if some of that nerve agent spilled out? How many deaths? The state run Russian news media were making jokes about is. I didn’t laugh.

  3. Liz Hinds says:

    I read an interesting article by an ex-diplomat I think, anyway he had lots of inside knowledge about the Russian scene, and he was saying why would the Russians suddenly want to kill this man after he’s been living peacefully for years? especially with the world cup coming up. And he pointed out that there are countries like Israel that would be very happy to see Russia get into trouble. I am tending to the view that i don’t believe anything these days.
    Did you watch McMafia?

    • furtheron says:

      Indeed I did watch it… slightly bemused as having read the book I was expecting a documentary! But as I say I just don’t logically get it really why wait and do it now? Seems very odd to me

  4. daisyfae says:

    Same here regarding Tillerson. He tried. Unlike his boss, he was an experienced, expert businessman, and attempted to apply some skill to being a diplomat. Poor bastard. If Mattis goes? Pour the concrete for the bunker. We’re all screwed…

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