Clearing out

It’s been a while since I gave an update on things in the Furtheron house other than my cycle of vertigo attacks.

Firstly – my daughter is now fully recovered from her operation.  Having removed the cyst with a large abscess on it she was left with a hole in her back.  Yes literally – they have to leave deep wounds like that open to heal bottom up.  She thought a couple of weeks.  First day they unpacked it and repacked it was a shock when they said – “No you need to come every day.  And probably for several weeks… if not months”.

In the end Mrs F, as ever, stepped into the breach.  She is a trained first aider (she never tires of telling us that) but she went to a couple of appointments watched the nurses and therefore they agreed for her to do it some weekends as they only dealt with real serious issues then.  They were impressed with her skills and so my daughter relied on her and the wound clinic nurses with going to the clinic less and less.  They had to change packing to ones with honey in and then iodine to make it heal evenly as they wanted but a couple of weeks ago – 12 weeks after the op – she was discharged all ok.  She’s back to going to the gym and swimming now.  She’s very pleased – well less so with the scar and the dip in her back but small price to pay.

Mother-in-law seems to continue to be happy at the home.  It goes up and down but regularly my wife comes home from visiting saying she was playing cards, doing a jigsaw with others etc.  We put her house on the market after New Year and seem to have sold it pretty much instantly.  Hopefully that will all go through, as ever much can go wrong in a chain like this but we’re flexible our end on dates etc. so we shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ve got much of the money stuff sorted out too.  Still lose ends on that which is typical but we’re getting there.

In doing that we’ve been clearing out.  Found tons of old photos which we chucked in a large box and took to my mother-in-law.  She said “You can make a bonfire with that lot”.  She personifies ungratefulness at times.  Also that included her wedding photos.  How can someone married over 40 year and widowed over 15 now be so dismissive?  Trying to figure out what to do with the slides we’ve grabbed too.  Might get a viewer and then decide on getting some scanned in via someone who has a slide scanner I think.

Still we also found my brother-in-laws vinyl collection which was great.  Some overlap with mine in the Led Zep, Pink Floyd etc. area but then a whole host of late 70s punk.  Now I liked a bit of Punk so nabbed the copy of Clash London’s Calling but much of it not for me.  So I’ll be seeking out via Facebook etc. anyone who is into that to see if they want to buy the collection or a substantial part of it.  It has simply sat in the cases since he passed away in January 1982 so some are virtually unplayed probably.

Some other great finds included an old Stanley no 6 plane.  I’d been looking for a second hand one on ebay on recently!  It only needed one bit replaced for under a tenner and all good to go – result!  An Scrabble game that’s provided a couple of Saturday night entertainment and a vintage monopoly set my son has taken possession of along with some old binoculars.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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8 Responses to Clearing out

  1. Glad everything worked out for your daughter! When we sold my mom’s house, she wanted to keep everything! But we loved looking through all the old photos!

  2. So glad to hear about your daughter. The human body’s capacity to heal never ceases to amaze me. And what about your wife!? Isn’t she the best?!

    This sounds calloused but I get your MIL’s dismissiveness. It’s very Zen and very healthy to just let go. I apply it in my daily life and it affords me a true freedom from things. Having said that, the vinyl could be valuable! Don’t just give it away.

  3. byebyebeer says:

    There’s a light box app you can use on your phone to view slides. Not sure the name but maybe search slide viewer apps. We had a bunch scanned last year, worth every penny. Maybe your mother in law is depressed. Hard to understand what they’re feeling but how life changes, shrinking in many ways.

  4. daisyfae says:

    Very glad your daughter is recovering – but ‘honey’ in the wound packing? Have not heard of that. And good on Mrs. Furtheron for her nursing skills. i have limitations in that area – i did the best i could when Studley had his knees replaced, but still had to look away often!

    We’ve taken to scanning/digitizing family photos – those that i collected from my mother, and those i took when my children were small. Neither of my children wants large photo albums of people they never met. A cousin is working on geneology, and we’re trying to get that on line and available to family. The photos may be pitched. i am trying to keep a ‘thread’ of the family line to provide to each child, but it will be a small album.

  5. Good news from guitar land.

    Sounds like the new year is settling in nicely. We’re in a big game night phase. No monopoly yet, just candy land. There are a slew of these new school games, cooperative games. Hoot owl hoot is an example. Everybody works together. Nice for kids. I am looking forward to the days of Monopoly, when their attention spans lengthen a bit. I can remember stormy days playing Monopoly for hours with my brother.

    Take care, G. Good to read from you.

  6. looby says:

    Menier’s, now a lump out of your daughter’s back…your house isn’t built on a toxic waste dump is it? 🙂

  7. Jules Smith says:

    Vinyl goes for a mint on Ebay! Try there first if you don’t want it ( How can you NOT want to keep The Clash?!) Your M–I–L is probably being dismissive because its hard to accept that part of her life is over. I dunno. I’m just trying to look at it from another perspective which I rarely do. People can be funny buggers.

    If you need any Scrabble advice, I’m a master at that game.

  8. Liz Hinds says:

    Younger Son had that hole in his back too!

    Mother-in-law may be being realistic rather than unsentimental. Photos will only have to be thrown out at some point and she has her memories. I’ve been fairly ruthless with my photos recently too.

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