When the world stops turning

Weekend before last my daughter went to the gym early Sunday morning and then from there straight to work as a swimming teacher.  She returned and said that there was a pain in her lower back.  She couldn’t remember turning or doing anything awkward.  We all assumed a muscle strain.  The week progressed.  She said it wasn’t getting better.  Worse actually.  Then she said her legs ached too.  She made a doctor’s appointment.  Friday she said she felt ill.  My wife thought she had a temperature.  She felt her where the pain was.  A hard lump that felt hot.  She got an emergency doctor’s appointment ahead of the other one.  He sent her straight to hospital.  She called saying she was on her way there.

The world was going around but for 24 hours I wasn’t really keeping pace.  She was admitted, tested and given antibiotics.  Sent home but with instructions to return early in the morning.  She did.  More tests and then “You need an operation.  Now”.

They removed a large cyst with a big abscess on it.  She was discharged later on the Saturday.  We arrived at the discharge unit late on Sat afternoon.  She was the only person on the unit sat all alone looking very tired.

She is home and recovering well but needing daily care on her wound from nurses.

I was supposed to be chairing a meeting on the Friday evening – I called some people with only an hour or two’s notice and explained.  They stood up and helped.  I called friends and family and explained – they all expressed shock and sent love.  I was able to call them all on Sunday and give the good news it was all looking good and she was home etc.  I went and spoke to my mother-in-law (who’s still in another hospital) explaining what was going on and why my wife and daughter couldn’t visit.

I got to a meeting on Monday and friends who knew what was going on were very kind.  I also reflected that at not one single point in all of this drama did my brain consider that a drink would be something that would make this all better.  That is just incredible given my past.  Truly it is remarkable for me to reflect on that.

Oh btw – yesterday was my birthday.  It was a quiet affair, I went to work and we had a take away curry at home as my daughter didn’t want to go to a restaurant with her current discomfort.  Sitting is the least easy thing to comfortably do right now.

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9 Responses to When the world stops turning

  1. So pleased your daughter is okay and recovering, it must have been a very worrying time. Congratulations also to you, it looks like you’ve made an incredible turnaround in your own fight in life. Oh, and a belated happy birthday 🙂

  2. I am really glad your daughter will be ok! It’s so scary.
    Happy happy birthday, Graham!
    Thank you for all your support!

  3. Elsie says:

    I’m so grateful your daughter is doing okay. What a testament to you and your recovery…and to your family too. Happy belated birthday.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Best birthday present ever.

  5. ainsobriety says:

    Happy birthday.
    I hope your daughter is recovering well.

  6. daisyfae says:

    That’s terrifying — no matter how old they are, everything comes crashing down when such a situation arises! Very glad she is ok — and that you noted the lack of desire to turn to drink for support. You clearly have a strong support network! That’s not an accident — you have to give support to get support, and you’ve earned that network.

  7. Liz Hinds says:

    That sounds dreadful and scary. Was it what i think they call a sinus at the base of the spine? younger son had to have an op for that. Glad she’s home and doing well.

  8. So glad to hear that your daughter is ok! What a scary situation! Happy belated birthday!

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