I’ve not written much recently on here.  I’m a poor blogger, do I have much to say?  Not really.  But anyway here is an update on things.

Firstly – I passed my exam that I took back in January.  Woohoo!  One of the big steps out of the way on my way to being a counsellor.  Sadly one of my peers didn’t.  I so feel for her – plus I was frankly simply shocked and surprised that she didn’t pass.  I’ve considered her a bit of a role model this year.  She has had her own self-confidence really knocked too as she thought it was good enough to pass too.  However my observation is that part of the exam is “easy to fail”.  To explain, the exam is split into two parts.  One is an audio session with a peer on a roleplay.  Second part is a written paper,  a lot of the questions related to your session you recorded.   Let’s look at how these are marked.  On the written paper you start with nothing and you gain marks until you pass.  On any question I could write 7 things that are wrong and then the 2 that are right and probably pass.  You only need to get 50% to pass btw.  On the audio though you start with 100% and you lose marks.  Actually it is 7 marks and you can lose a whole mark, half or quarter depending on the indiscretion and how the examiner judges it.  You need to get 5 to pass.  Yep about 70% – high…. and you are losing marks not gaining them.  So if you say something early on the examiner doesn’t like and they mark you down on that, they are attuned to that and other things you may say that they may have let go on another recording they notice and another little mark off…  you get the picture.    I also passed another internal assessment as well.  All good ticks against progress to the diploma.

My placement is ending at the end of April.  I’ve taken the bull by the horns and approached some other places.  Now I’ve heard that getting a placement is really hard esp given I’m sort of at the worst time as all the year one diploma folks are trying to find their placements.  Well… I contacted 5.  One has no placements at all, in fact they are winding up the service due to funding hassles too.   The other 4… all offered me an interview.  Wow!   So I’m playing all of them out as from July I’ll be finished on the course and have a choice to then work on that day too.  I hope to try and get my 100 hours completed by the end of calendar year this year.  I’m mid 30s at the moment.  We’ll see but getting so many responses was really encouraging.

What else?  I had some real issues recently with some issues in a couple of different environments I’m in where there were personal attacks on people and anger and resentment etc. etc.  It made me feel yucky – I didn’t like it. I was upset and felt annoyed and angry etc.   But I wasn’t the person directly in the attacks etc. so… I did nothing but talk in confidence to those I can trust to air my feelings.  I did though stay out of the issue.  Held my tongue and just sat it out.  This for me is really a sign on my development that I can let it go.  I let it be and didn’t jump in to fight or rescue or whatever.  Progress… indeed.


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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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8 Responses to Progress

  1. Progress. For sure!

    And Guitars and Life, I wanted to thank you for inspiring an awesome podcast at Buzzkill recently. You provided a framework for a really informative podcast on anonymity.

    I’m one who does “recover out loud” because it may help others. I stay anonymous by not mentioning the program I work. Anyway, congrats on passing your exam! And thanks for this post and a great podcast prompt.

  2. Thanks for the update, Graham, and can’t wait to hear what job you take!

  3. mikeykjr says:

    Congratulations for passing the exam! I went through the same experience with my CNA exam. Someone who was a CNA already, just renewing her license after a lapse of a few years, failed the clinical. It was unexpected news. I’m going to look into the podcast that Mark mentioned, it sounds interesting. I look forward to future updates!

  4. JJ says:

    Staying out of the issue–hard to do, well done on your progress.

    This is one of those things that highlight why it’s important to hang around people who don’t gossip and launch personal attacks etc.

  5. Yes, we know you haven’t written. You don’t have to tell us.

    I wish I could send you a prize for passing your exam. Or, perhaps passing is a prize in and of itself? How’s your tinnitus? Behaving itself?

  6. Liz Hinds says:

    Well done on your progress. Hard not to leap in sometimes.
    Hope you get the placement hours you need. I’m sure you will.

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