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Paul’s latest podcast over at Buzzkill is on a topic I raised in his request for things to discuss as mentioned by a couple of commentators to the last post.  Loved hearing his views on it.   Would love to hear what others think too.



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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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6 Responses to Buzzkill Podcast

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  2. Aunt Jackie says:

    I will try and give it a listen when I get a moment… I’m sure I have too much to catch up on all around the bloghood, I’ve been trying to get back… Glad to see you still posting too.

  3. mikeykjr says:

    Nice topic. I responded on my own blog,

  4. Paul S says:

    thanks for sharing this, Graham!

    • Great podcast!
      It was fun hearing your voice.
      I remember when I first tried to get sober I blurted that out in a teacher’s meeting that I stopped drinking.
      I would NOT recommend doing that!!!
      But I was very impulsive then.
      Then when I started drinking again, I announced to them I was having wine at happy hour!
      This time, I shared my recovery with close friends, family, and some safe people.
      (I was retired at this point>)
      Then I started telling more and more people.
      But really, no one cared.
      Just like you said.
      They didn’t really get it anyway.
      About a month ago, I shared my recovery on FB.
      Got nice comments, and some people said they were in recovery too, but I was hoping I would be a role model and someone would PM me so I could help them.
      No one did, and that’s okay, too.
      This is a LONG answer with no ending…so I’ll end it now!
      Chapter 2 later!

      • Paul S says:

        Thanks for this Wendy! I appreciate the listen and the comments, and I love how others feel comfortable coming forward after you did so – that’s fantastic! Show you just how many of “us” there are out there!

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