Presentations and Closures

It appears that the service I’ve had my placement at so far for my counselling course is a victim of the austerity clamour that the financial crisis somehow has imposed on local government.  I’ll not get into the nonsense of central government continually cutting local government budgets to prop up failing banks that simply add a few billion of loses to the exchequers overdraft ever few months.  Anyway – last week we were told the service is under review and the heavy hint is that means it’ll be closing in the short term.  Bugger!  I’ve just begun to feel confident there in my role now and settling into getting clients to stick with me and the service.  I’ll be a long way off my need 100 hours too.  So I need to start looking for a new placement soon.  I’m also angry and annoyed as many of the people I see can’t afford private counselling and also many wouldn’t go near counselling at all it is only as it is recommended by a keyworker who they have build trust with, in an environment they feel comfortable with and with a service they trust and isn’t seen as something completely separate.  Handing them a card with say a mental health charity on it and saying you can try them isn’t going to get many of them the opportunity they really need to engage with counselling for the first time.  Of all my clients only one had ever experienced counselling in another setting.  I think that speaks volumes.

On a brighter note we started our first case study presentations last week.  In order to not go into melt down and rewrite mine quickly in a week after seeing others I volunteered to be in the first cohort on the first week and… yippee – I passed!   So another minor step out of the way.

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6 Responses to Presentations and Closures

  1. Congrats! I’m sure that was a huge relief to get that out of the way.

  2. Congratulations on passing, and sorry to hear you are being displaced. Prayers that you find a new placement quickly!

  3. mikeykjr says:

    Congratulations on the case study! I’ve experienced the same with local government and cut in services. What are these people thinking? Oh that’s right, themselves. They don’t care of the thousands who need the services to live their lives. It’s very frustrating at times.

  4. Congratulations on passing!
    I hope you find a new placement soon.
    I’m just impressed that you went into a new career!
    My new career seems to be chair sitting!

  5. mercyjm says:

    I do agree with you about counselling, it is hard enough to get people to go in the first place (speaking as someone who looks at the little cards and shudders!), without putting more obstacles in the way.

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