Women in addiction

I read this story on the BBC website – a good news story about a house set up in Amy Winehouse’s memory by her family to help women in early stages of recovery.

I’m pleased that there is more focus on women in addiction.  Too often even now I have to correct the misconception that AA is full of old guys like me.  Many meetings I go to locally are at least equally split if not a majority of women at some.  I also think women do seek help younger than most men seem to – which is a good thing in itself.  Women do seem to generally say “I’m not well” easier than men seem to do so.  Recently I was somewhere where a statistic was put up that most AA members were men.  Nationally, in the UK, the last AA membership survey put the split as 40% women to 60% men.  As I say though where I live I don’t agree with that split it is much closer to 50:50 to my eyes.

There is another women’s only project near where I live too that I should praise the Naomi project at the Kenward Trust.

Hopefully the stigma or at least talking about women having alcohol addiction issues is being broken down.




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4 Responses to Women in addiction

  1. Very cool to read about Amy’s house.
    It’s so important to have a safe place to live if people are going to get out of addiction.
    I know there are so many women in recovery here in Minneapolis.
    Women of all ages.
    The stigma is still there, though I think it is a little better.

  2. That’s wonderful to read about Amy’s house.
    Hmm… I wonder if women seeking help earlier is akin to women asking for directions and being able to say “oops, I think I’m lost” when driving somewhere? 😉

  3. Alcohol: the great equalizer.

  4. Liz Hinds says:

    I know probably equal numbers of male and female addicts. Sadly.

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