21 today

My little daughter is 21 today.  Is it fair I still call her that?  Well she is little, barely 5ft, like many women in my family the height genes gave her a miss going straight to my son who is over 6 ft.  He still calls her “kid” – and probably will be still doing so when they are my age.

On Sunday we had a celebration of this momentous event.  It ended up with 25 at our house for a party.  All my family under one roof which now there are nieces and nephews their partners and great nieces and nephews is a very rare event and the tribe has grown by two this year with two new additions to my brothers list of Grandkids.

I felt – blessed.  We may not meet all the time and be in each others pockets but they are a really terrific bunch you can be proud of in terms of how they live their lives etc.  And we all get on so well.  I hear so many people bitching about their families and all this backstabbing and snide talking and all that goes with it, falling out, ganging up etc. etc.  Simply we’ve never had any of that and it doesn’t feature – everyone just gets on so well with everyone else.

Top of my gratitude list today right after “I haven’t wanted to have a drink today” is… Family, Love, Family gatherings, kindness, laughter, … etc.

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6 Responses to 21 today

  1. your little daughter will always remain little to you.. no matter how old she gets… Isn’t that a wonderful thing ?

  2. There you go; I felt like reading something uplifting and here you are with a post full of gratitude for the family and all the love therein. Sweet. And Happy Birthday to your daughter! 21 – it’s a grand age (if memory serves, which is doesn’t always these days!).

  3. Please pass along birthday good wishes from New York City. I can’t imagine my daughters being 21 but, God willing, I suppose it’ll happen sooner or later. Don’t tell me what happens. I want to be surprised.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from over here!

    • furtheron says:

      Hope you had a good one… I’m still fed up with Black Friday sale adverts on UK tv…. we don’t have Thanksgiving so they just import the capitalist money grabbing sales aspect from the USA… grrrrr

  5. daisyfae says:

    And more congratulations! That is truly a blessing – to have family come together to celebrate!

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