Back in harness

Hello local followers… er follower… oh well I’ll just talk to myself then!

Sorry I’ve been away but the recovery from the operation made me somewhat lazy.  I ended up watch a great chunk of the latter stages of the Tour De France, the Olympics and listened to a lot of test match cricket.

But the summer is waning as I begin to see leaves falling from the trees, acorns dropping on my head and the colour of summer fading with the evening light.  And so I’ve returned to work – nearly needed a map to find the place.  But my desk was still there with my nameplate on it which was grand and a pay check arrived a day or two after my return so looks like I am still gainfully employed.

Not much happened over the summer given I was getting better.  I did walk a lot, starting soon after I got out of hospital as I was worried I’d lose all fitness.  The first few days were a meagre shuffle around the local roads in my surgical stockings and shorts much to my daughter’s dismay, apparently fashion should come before health in her view.  However over the weeks I built up to a reasonable distance and pace so my return to work, which involves four 20 min walks a days to and from train stations has been fine.  Also it was interesting to walk parts of my local area I rarely do.  Often it is said that in modern life there is no community, no one speaks etc.  I can say that is because you are all stuck in your cars not walking.  If you walk the majority of folks you pass bid you good morning or comment on the weather etc.  I felt more enlivened by community spirit than I’ve done in a long time.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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11 Responses to Back in harness

  1. Yay!
    I’m glad you are back and doing ok!
    People are also so into their phones!
    I’m with you and walking!
    We live in a beautiful area and when we walk we always meet people who smile, say hi!
    And they let me pet their dogs!!

  2. Lily says:

    As long as you weren’t wearing sandals with your shorts and surgical stockings, then it’s all good.
    I do miss the daily walks that Spawn and I used to take and the people we would meet on the way.

    Glad you’re doing well. 🙂

    • furtheron says:

      Lily – I have no shame, or fashion knowledge, the answer to that point is yes I was wearing sandals. (This is after all a programme of rigorous honesty.) If only I knew it was simply a need to slip on some trainers, despite that meaning my feet would have smelt like a drowned St Bernard by the time I’d finished my 0.3km shuffle that day

      • Lily says:

        I apologies Mr F, although I admit that I am giggling at your admittance. Pray tell me that the sandals did not include socks and then all is forgiven.
        The main thing is that you did get out there and manage to do 0.3km. I walk to the corner hop, which is literally on the corner and even then, I need a 2 week holiday after. So kudos to you. 🙂

      • furtheron says:

        No socks just the stockings which were by medical instruction. Once they were dispensed with I wore sandals no socks for most of my summer walks

      • Lily says:

        Then all is good. Mind you, those surgical stockings are quite fancy now, with an assortment of colours. When did that happen??

      • furtheron says:

        I feel cheated now – mine were the bog boring standard white ones

  3. There’s an awful lot of walking in New York but not a whole lot of pleasantries being exchanged. People aren’t mean. They’re just in a hurry. Or it’s a matter of self-preservation. Okay. Welcome home. Glad you’re pink and healthy.

  4. byebyebeer says:

    Welcome back! I love your descriptions of your walks and community spirit. I can almost picture you out and about in surgical stockings 🙂

  5. looby says:

    Good to see you back Graham, albeit in a somewhat fashion-challenged way 🙂 Needs must though. I agree about walking. It’s one of the pleasures of living where I do and never having owned a car.

  6. Welcome back, G. Glad to have you back 🙂

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