Now is the time to be vigilant

The good news (if any of you are interested) is that I’m recovering ok from the operation.  Nearly all my dressings are off all my wounds and they look to be healing ok.  Each day this week I’ve gone for a walk and each day gone a little further.  So all good.  I’m still occasionally getting a bit of pain in my abdomen, like a stitch feeling if I move or lay a particular way or when I breath in deep.  However it has been getting better each day.

For me now is the time to be vigilant.  I know too well that I’ll think I can lift up the garage door, or a full watering can or I’ll walk too far, too fast, too soon.  I need to remember for me that the recovery is a journey that has a pace I can’t accelerate no matter how much I want to.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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5 Responses to Now is the time to be vigilant

  1. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

  2. noddysober says:

    Glad your in the mend. My friend had the same op back in February. He’s absolutely fine these days. No problems at all.

  3. For sure.
    It takes longer to recover from an operation than we think!
    Glad you are healing!

  4. elsieamata says:

    So glad to hear you’re on the mend. Take it easy. Remember – one day at a time *smiles*

  5. Suburbia says:

    I hope you’re still on the mend?

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