Firstly I should write some lines.

I will not get involved in EU referendum debates on line
I will not get involved in EU referendum debates on line
I will not….

Ok… let’s get involved in the EU referendum debate on line!   I went to see the Ear Nose and Throat specialist yesterday.  I arrived a little early for my appointment, was told I was the first for the clinic and to wait.  So … I waited.  In a waiting room full of native English people all bar one young lady older than myself, that was my presumption given how they looked and spoke – I know hugely judgemental of me but there you go.  I finally got in to see the specialist after over a 45 min wait.  She apologised, the Prof was “never there on a Monday” and another member of staff was not there too.  That meant she was running a clinic scheduled for two people and also the only ENT person available to be on-call in the hospital.  Her phone rang twice whilst I was talking to her.  She was frankly stressed, but polite and courteous to me and tried to clearly give me time that was in precious supply to her that day.  I’m rubbish with getting people’s origins correct but one thing she was I suspect, due to her accent, an immigrant.  So you know that Leave campaign advert?  I saw exactly the opposite. The NHS only managing to deliver me a service due to immigration and the pressure put on it was due to low staffing levels and, frankly, an ageing indigenous population (in which I include myself btw).  I know…

I will not get involved in EU referendum debates on line
I will not get involved in EU referendum debates on line
I will not….

Anyway – I didn’t arrive in the best shape.  I’ve not had a bad vertigo attack in 5 or 6 years.  So waking up at 4am with one on the day of seeing the specialist with a bad one wasn’t terrific news.  It went off after a couple of hours but I was still very wobbly when I got dropped off by my daughter for the appointment.

What’s the diagnosis then?  Probably Meniere’s Disease which I self-diagnosed 7 years ago.  The hearing test confirmed my worst but expected fear, my left ear is severely impaired now.  I can barely hear through it and the tinnitus in it means whatever is there is hardly useful.  All classic Meniere’s – vertigo, tinnitus, loss of hearing… blah blah.  She advised me to go back on a tablet my doctor prescribed before for the next 6 months and go back and see if it has stabilised and have a low/no salt diet.  Another set of dietary needs, along with the original migraine stopping list and my gallbladder list… I can eat… apples!  There was talk of a hearing aid but shrugs as to whether it’ll help.  So now I have to stop saying to myself “This too shall pass” and accept the situation as it is however much I hate it.  I may have to change the title of the blog as my days as a guitar player are looking numbered too unfortunately.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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12 Responses to Specialist

  1. Sorry to hear about your vertigo attack. That must be wretched. As far as your lines go…I’m going to get all teachery on you and say, ‘Good attempt – bonus mark for your team.’

  2. So sorry about the health issues. I hope you’re able to find a solution or improvement and not just have to accept things as status quo.

  3. And now I read why you are in need of the serenity prayer. Oh Graham, I am so sorry, I can’t even imagine how all of this makes you feel. Certainly acceptance is called for here, but I see some courage in changing what you can… diet, possible hearing aid, new meds. I am saying prayers that the condition is stabilized!

  4. Suburbia says:

    Severe sorry to read all that, I really hope the pills give some relief. All my hopes go out to you.

    As for the referendum – bah humbug! Racists and far right politics make my blood boil!

  5. Suburbia says:

    That was supposed to say ‘so sorry’ but I guess severe sorry is appropriate?!

  6. JJ says:

    Dang, the old acceptance thing rears its head. I still can’t come to grips with it, so I understand the struggle. Blah! Well, at least you know medicine can’t really help–gives you a path, even if its simply (ha-ha) a path of acceptance.

  7. What do you mean? Life but no guitars? I honestly don’t know how anyone can believe there’s a god. Nice Spain pics, btw.

  8. Lily says:

    I had never heard of Meniere’s Disease before, so decided to look it up. As a man who find music precious, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this.Sending a virtual hug your way.

  9. daisyfae says:

    Been trying to follow the arguments for “Leave” and “In”… beyond the obvious, i had a somewhat random conversation with a woman from Suffolk last week. She is deeply vexed, and inclined toward ‘In’, but said that if you push past the racism, there are elements of “Leave” that should be considered… Much like the situation in the US, where we have an absolute nutter out front of what used to be our Conservative Christian contingent. What gets me is that there are people following him. Rational, thinking people, among the dense. Suspect there is also a subset of the “Leave” contingent that have concerns that aren’t just knee-jerk reactions. It’s a shame life isn’t as simple as it seemed to be when we were small…

    Sorry about the hearing loss… hoping it can be delayed and managed…

    • furtheron says:

      The eu is far from perfect. Some of the policies favour some countries massively over others agriculture being one example I would agree with needing an overhaul. immigration is the major point where there is polarity that much needs addressing if we can come back together as a nation I feel it has ripped us apart in thus debate hmmm debate that gives it a higher billing than it deserves frankly both sides have been awful

  10. Hi Graham,
    As you know, I really can relate.
    And I am so sorry.
    There are no words that express how hard it is.
    I found that I had to work through grief over the loss of music, and at the same time towards acceptance.

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