Chips, Coins or Medallions

Take your pick on the name I’ve heard them interchangeably called all these things.

Here is what I now have on my night stand.


Coins 2

The top one is my latest annual sobriety chip, I received it and applause, handshakes, hugs, kisses on the cheek from long term members of my home group on Monday.  I’ve attended that group regularly since my initial sobriety, apart from a forced 2 year break when another commitment meant I could only attend sporadically.  Therefore all my annual chips, bar one during that break, have come from this group.  I recycle my old one I don’t keep a collection, the latest one is the only one that matters to me.  So the next person to get through 11 years will get my old chip. I think handing back a chip that indicated a complete year sober for me has luck attached to it and it’ll help the next person.  That’s my little superstition anyway.

The bottom one is the chip I was given from the treatment centre I attended when I started my recovery journey.  You received that at your “graduation” i.e. the day you left there as long as you had worked up to Step 5 in the programme. So here I have where I am today at 12 years sober and remembering the first day I soberly walked out into the world.  That works for me, remembering where I came from and where I am now.  They sit here on my night stand.  That is where my wallet, glasses, etc. all go last thing at night as I get ready for bed and the first thing I look at when getting ready in the morning.  It isn’t a formal meditation that some may do but it is part of my sober ritual of being grateful for a sober day and reminding myself of the power of the programme,  fellowship etc. I can tap into to remain sober that day.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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9 Responses to Chips, Coins or Medallions

  1. Suburbia says:

    So interesting to see them after reading your last post, they do look significant and powerful . I think you’re amazing to have done 12 years.

    How’s your course? Just signed up for another 2 years – hope I can see it through!

  2. byebyebeer says:

    Very nice, and I like how you keep those two and how the chip has a flat bottom. Never seen that before. I have most but not all coins from my first year. I think I collected one for each month, so not sure where the missing ones are but it bothers me. Makes me feel sloppy and ungrateful. I don’t go to meetings anymore, but I like the idea of giving them back, but for now just hold onto the ones I have. At five years (next month) I was thinking of getting something to commemorate like a cheapish necklace or diamond tennis bracelet (kidding) but who knows. It’s enough to be sober.

  3. Happy anniversary again, Graham! And sometime I will be rustling up my coins and taking pictures, just so we can compare (though I don’t have nearly as many, you longtimer you!).

  4. I love to read how happy you are being sober, and things that helped you!
    Thank you, Graham!!

  5. The last time you mentioned these I ran to Google what they look like. I was curious. I didn’t know they quoted The Bard. That’s a nice touch. I like your tradition of handing them back in. That’s very Zen.

  6. elsieamata says:

    Happy birthday! Very proud of you and all the service work you continue to do for others.

  7. Lisa Neumann says:

    Belated Anniversary Love.
    2004 was a great year. LOL
    Always good to read and feel your (virtual) presence.
    ♥ Lisa

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