Summer cold

All through the winter colleagues, friends, fellow students on my course etc. have all be falling foul of the dreaded lurgy. Even my son called of a planned trip home when he was ill with the flu in early March. However yours truly has sailed through the dark months with barely a sniffle. I had a cough at Christmas but knocked that on the head quiet quickly. So it is with utter unbelievable irony that as the weather finally looks like something resembling spring after a very cold (it seemed so to me anyway) April that I’m nursing a cough, a sore throat, a running nose, headache etc. Everyone else has fought through their infections and are now gaily skipping down the road in light summer tops in the glorious sunshine. Not so yours truly who is huddled in a jumper and a big coat alternatively shivering cold and too bleeding hot.

Frankly though should that matter in the grand scheme of things? No. It’s a minor hassle and will pass soon enough.

I had my first day at the placement agency last week.  Some hassles getting all the computer accounts lined up – you know how it is in these places.  Overall though I really was made to feel welcome by the team and sat in on my first group supervision meeting.  That was hugely informative and illuminating.  I learnt so much in such a short space of time and was encouraged to contribute straight away.  I had feared I’d be left on the sidelines as “the new boy” for a while before being brought in but that wasn’t so and I was at least made to feel my contributions were seen as valued and useful.  Still a mountain to learn and an ocean to assimilate – or is that the other way round?  But first steps made me feel I’ve made the right choice of where to work.

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11 Responses to Summer cold

  1. The dreaded lurgy?! What the hell is The Dreaded Lurgy?! I might re-launch my blog under that title or use it for my new thrash metal band (right after I learn a few bar chords).

    In the R30 documentary, Geddy and Alex call Neil “the new guy,” even though he’s been with them for 25+ years. Funny.

  2. Lily says:

    Hahaha! I haven’t heard the term ‘Lurgy’ in years”

    Wishing you better. 🙂

  3. Get well soon!

  4. byebyebeer says:

    The new job sounds fantastic. Feel better soon!

  5. looby says:

    I thought “lergy” was a northern word. Didn’t realise it had migrated to Medway 🙂

  6. elsieamata says:

    Feel better! I don’t normally get colds but this year I’ve had two. I think it’s because I’ve been on steroids twice too because of my migraines. Probably weakened my immune system. I’m happy to hear that you landed in a good spot for work. Looking forward to hearing even more good things!!

  7. Liz Hinds says:

    Good news about the placement.

    Not good about the lurgy. Mine lasted for about 6 weeks altogether. Only in a very minor form at the end but still enough to make me feel fed up.

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