… and jubilations…   extra points to anyone who spots that lyric reference.

Mrs F had her birthday last week.  So after our short break on the south coast I took some time of work to coincide with her Easter break and we had a couple of days where we just did some fun stuff – going shopping and looking in Estate Agent windows in Royal Tunbridge Wells laughing at the clear misprints on the prices they advertised for small flats – I mean £260,000 can’t have been right for a one bed flat over a shop… surely!  The world is bonkers.

Our son visited – which was planned for the following weekend and another birthday meal etc. but he arrived a few days early as he had an interview for a post-doctoral research post.  Watch this space for more celebrations soon hopefully.  Mrs F’s birthday was spent then on a fully fledged family trip to the National History Museum to go see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition which was organised by my daughter.  I had a couple of favourites including this one.


I had to take a couple of pictures of Dippy who has been my son’s firm favourite since he was in short trousers studying picture books of Dinosaurs.  Remember Walking with Dinosaurs on the telly? He loved that as a child.  How he ended up a Space Physicist and not a Palaeontologist I’m not quite sure.  Anyway the NHM have announced they’ll soon be removing Dippy from the entrance foyer so this was probably my last chance to see him in situation – although there are rumours about a tour I believe.


We were joined by our son’s girlfriend and … had another meal!  As we did again on Saturday!  Seems we have to have several birthday meals now in our family!

So a really nice week to have some time off and time together and celebrate all together.  This week my son is back in the Midlands, my wife at work as well as me and my daughter commuting back to university so our brief time with each other is snatched away again.

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6 Responses to Celebrations…

  1. I’m dreading when my daughters leave, but leave they must, I suppose.

  2. Lily says:

    That is an absolutely amazing piece of photography.
    Why are they removing Dippy from the entrance?! That’s been there since I was a child.

  3. furtheron says:

    You are too kind about the photo. I was trying to take a panorama shot with my phone but that kept complaining about me going too slow or too fast. So I took a few and then stitched them together in a photo editor. It would have been better but I cropped out the tail as there was a very blurred head of some guy in the way.

    They want to move Dippy since “it’s only a copy” and move the large Blue Whale skeleton in… that reminds me of one my best moments in the NHM. We were all walking out of the gallery that is currently hanging in as a lady with a broad Yorkshire accent was passing us to go in. She said, and this is no word of a lie, “Oh look, It’s one of those ones that flies!” We all looked at each other in utter disbelief! No wonder they want to show it off – the only Blue Whale that ever flew!

  4. looby says:

    Oh dear — well you know the old saying about Yorkshire — “Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred, strong in th’arm and thick in t’head”

    My girls are 17 now and talk all the time about moving out. It feels odd. It’s a “natural” thing on the one hand but it’s very difficult for this father to get his head around the idea that they won’t be turning up from school every night. I will miss them terribly.

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