Time Out

I’ve had some time out lately.  I booked some leave from work, we’re on break from my course with no set written work deadlines thankfully and it is my wife’s birthday this week.  All been great.  Mrs F and I actually had a couple of days away on the south coast which was nice.  I overcame my fear of heights to go up the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.  Here are a couple of pictures!…

Yes that is where you start if you are abseiling down…  I used the lift!

My son is home this week too.  He was coming home for the weekend anyway but an interview in London today meant having another couple of days with him.  I know my wife is pleased he will be at home on her actual birthday.  We’re off to a photographic exhibition at the Natural History Museum on that day.

But the best bit has been a feeling of getting some time of real rest and relaxation.


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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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4 Responses to Time Out

  1. I had to Google abseiling.


  2. That’s awesome!
    (I will look that up, too.)

  3. Suburbia says:

    That really does sound like a good break. A break from study and work too.
    Looks bloody high up!
    I’ve had a year off study, it will be hard to go back for 2 more years in September!

  4. looby says:

    It’s great abseiling! It’s a most peculiar and thrilling sensation. I’ve done it once in the Lake District but it’s really best suited to the urban environment I think. Well done F — and I’m jealous!

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