Visiting my son

This last weekend my wife and I travelled up to Birmingham to visit my son.  He’s lived there near on three years now but we’ve only visited once really a couple of years back when en-route to Scotland.  As ever he often is drawn to “coming home” vs us visiting him.  But it was great!

The whole premise was so that I could go see Joe Bonamassa in concert with him.  He’d seen the gig advertised got the tickets and invited me.  Firstly how flipping cool is that.  I have a 25 year old son who wants to take his old Dad out to a gig with him.  The fact that at 14 he could quiet easily have told me that he’d had enough of my drunken behaviour and frankly wanted as little of me in his life as possible.  The fact he didn’t and we have this relationship now is testament to the recovery programme of AA I’ve followed to remain continuously sober but says more about him as a human being than anything else.

We travelled up and he and his girlfriend met us.  After checking in to our hotel we went for a lovely meal then we headed to the gig whilst the girls had a drink together and headed back to their flat.  Gig was terrific by the way – see the review on my other blog.

Sunday we had breakfast together and then went to see the Staffordshire Hoard which I’ve seen tv programmes about to see in person was just terrific and makes me realise how little we know about our Anglo-Saxon predecessors sadly.

What a fantastic weekend – I got to chat to my son who is close to completing his PhD – can you fathom that a son of mine has already written and published respected academic papers and may soon be called Dr!  He was explaining his options and choices on what he is applying for in terms of next steps.  Good news too is that he has at least two interviews coming up.

On arriving home our daughter had cooked a tremendous roast lamb (my favourite!) meal for us.

I’m so so blessed with my children who are such a credit to themselves.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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7 Responses to Visiting my son

  1. ainsobriety says:

    Beautiful. What a gift.

  2. Time and the Bottle says:

    Great weekend. Peaceful. Content. Hangover free. I miss weekends like that.

  3. What a wonderful story!

  4. elsieamata says:

    And you’re a credit to yourself, don’t forget that part. I love when they come back around after that whole teenager part has come and gone. It’s almost that time for my daughter. Although, I have to say, it’s not as bad as people told me it would be. They said have a teen daughter would be miserable. Truthfully, she has been quite good. 🙂

    • furtheron says:

      Mine were no problem either of them young people get such a bad and in my experience undeserved bad reputation

    • looby says:

      Everyone told me, over and over again, that my dauhgters would be “difficult” when they were teenagers. It really annoys me that! And no, they haven’t been difficult — they’ve been a delight.

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