Change of plans and Celebrations

In a couple of days my mother-in-law passes the significant milestone of being on this earth 80 years.  We had planned a small family gathering for her this past weekend.  It was a surprise for her in that she had no idea what or where we were going to do.  In fact we’d booked a posh afternoon tea in a private saloon in a posh hotel.  However sadly my son called on Friday evening to say he was ill with flu and he and his girlfriend couldn’t travel as planned.  A real shame but my wife then quickly invited one of her Mum’s oldest friends to the celebration.  In some respects that made it different but nicer in other ways.

Here is the cakes and sandwiches before we devoured them!


2016-03-13 15.45.23

There were other reasons to celebrate too this weekend.  From the nadir which was the failure of England to get out of the group stages in the Rugby World Cup last Autumn we faced the old enemy Wales at Twickenham again on Saturday.  This time we won – just!  We again looked determined to throw away a useful lead by ill discipline and lack of cohesive defence – but we held on.  Frankly I’m glad Wales didn’t play like they did in the last 20 mins in the first 40 and vice versa for us!   So we go into the last weekend the 6 nations championship both unbeaten and already crowned champions thanks to Scotland’s deserved win over France yesterday.  Is it just that some other teams are more rebuilding their sides after the world cup?  Wales have suffered losing Halfpenny but frankly they should have been favourites with Ireland losing key players to retirements etc.  France… well less said the better about their performances so far, there was some spark at Murrayfield but they are so far from the side you expect.  I hope they don’t suddenly find that spark before next weekend – this could be England’s first Grand Slam since 2003!

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4 Responses to Change of plans and Celebrations

  1. Liz Hinds says:

    I don’t think we can blame the loss of Leigh Halfpenny, absolutely gorgeous though he is. We had pretty much our best team but they didn’t turn up. Well done to England. i think they have looked the most potentially scary throughout the tournament.

    • furtheron says:

      I just wish we’d stop all the dumb infringements at the breakdown! Hands in the ruck, collapsing the maul, in at the side – how many times in at the side! Grrrr

  2. I love High Tea!
    I think hubs and I need to go again!
    PS – Does the US have a Rugby Team? If so, go USA!

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