Meeting Johnny Vegas

Just over two years ago I read “Becoming Johnny Vegas” by Michael Pennington.  Micheal is Johnny’s real name btw.   I wrote a review of it on my other blog.  Well in the bizzarre merry-go-round that is life I happened to bump into Johnny/Michael at Euston Station today.  Now I normally don’t go in for the big “Hey mr/miss/mrs celebrity how are you?” type thing since I think they are just ordinary folks and secondly anyone with any celebrity these days must get hacked off with that constant attention.  In this case though if you look at my review of the book you’ll realised that I was hugely affected by it.  A terrific and at times I found difficult read.  What he had put out there via that writing affected me greatly and I knew must have been a really deep experience for him.  So…

I stuck out my hand and said I had to shake his hand for writing that book.  In the very few seconds we had together I explained that I identified with so much of the drunken madness in the book but also that him sharing about about the alterego has helped me in my work on unravelling my own masks.  He said that writing the book had been a very difficult experience for him but he was pleased someone could see that identification.

Odd isn’t it to spend such a short period of time in the company of someone but to know so much through having read most of their life story and to see in their face a level of appreciation and acceptance that you “get it” in those few seconds is a humbling moment.  I was really really privileged today to have that opportunity to let him know how I valued what he’d achieved.


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6 Responses to Meeting Johnny Vegas

  1. C says:

    i think that is brilliant. A rewarding and special moment for both of you, I’m sure.

  2. Oh, I read your other post.
    Meeting him must have been awesome!

  3. If you’re interested, here’s a very cool signed first edition with a full-page doodle by Mr. Pennington. Cheap!

  4. elsieamata says:

    I would love to meet someone I admire in person and be able to tell them how much the affected me. It’d be so cool. Glad you got the chance to do that, cool beans!

  5. Liz Hinds says:

    What a fortunate coincidence! I bet he’ll store that meeting up in his head.

    • furtheron says:

      well it did tweet about it…

      Thanks to the gent at Euston for his generous & insightful feedback on #BecomingJohnnyVegas Really appreciated it, just sorry I had to dash

      What a gent

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