Soundtrack of Recovery

Paul over at Buzzkillpod was asking his regularly listeners to send in two tracks that captured for them their drinking days and their recovery.

I didn’t really have to think – two struck me quickly.  So I’ll share with you here.

The Drinking Song!

Shed Seven (got to love an English band with Shed in their name for a start!).  Chasing Rainbows.  Just listen to the lyrics in this – I’ll highlight for you my favourite lines.

there are things that i regret
like being called a nervous wreck
and working up another sweat for you

there’s nothing that i can do
for counterparts and bleeding hearts
and all the things that fall apart for you
i don’t keep my secrets there
i hide them everywhere
i could deny
but i’ll never realise
i’m just chasing rainbows
all the time

i could deny
but i’ll never realise
i’ve been chasing rainbows
all my life

and then i missed my cue
everybody had a laugh
and then went for an early bath
did you
i don’t keep my secrets there
i hide them everywhere

OH I did that all that time when drinking.  The really funny thing is this is one of several tunes that have in the past got me yelled at/sworn at/physically threatened/thrown out of bars etc.  Why?  I got obessed with it one long drinking day – ironic now looking back! – and so I put in as much as I could into the jukebox and put it on repeat.  Others didn’t have my love for this song.   When in soberity I heard it some years later my ears were open to the potential meaning to the lyrics for me and it was like a sledgehammer on the temple.  How had I not seen this before?  Well we can’t when in the fug of drunkenness can we.



Next up my recovery song.

Again there is one that I’d heard before I got recovery but it really hit me once I heard it again once in recovery.  It is by one of my favourite musicians of all time – Geddy Lee from Rush but this is from his solo album My Favourite Headache.

For me in here there is an interpretation for my in the lyrics of trying to keep on the straight and narrow of a new path but we falter like all fallible human beings do.  Again here are the lyrics highlighted with my fav bits.


Meant To Tell You
Tell You From The Start
Meant To Show You
What’s Inside This Shallow Heart
But I Could Not Find The Words
Worthy Enough To Say

I Slipped Along The Way
I Slipped Along The Way

Tried To Be There
Be There When You Fall
Tried To Make You Feel Big
When Life Makes You Feel Small
But I Could Not Find The Steps
Quickly Enough To Take

I Slipped Along The Way
I Slipped Along The Way

Want To Change Things
Want To Clear The Air
Fix The Things Around Us
So Badly In Need Of Repair
But I Might Not Have The Sense
Sense Enough To Change



About furtheron

Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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4 Responses to Soundtrack of Recovery

  1. I love that last stanza of Chasing Rainbows!

    Geddy Lee had a solo album?

    ?! !! ?

    Where the hell was I?

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