A New Week

I seemed to lose a lot of last week.  The whole tinnitus/migraine issue just isolates me.  I don’t feel like going out, last week I only went to a gig in Brighton that we’d booked ages ago and didn’t want to miss and one AA business meeting.  However not only that I sit at home and go inward as the noise, pain and visual disturbances just make me feel really like I don’t want to interact as it’s difficult.

It has been slowly getting better as I’ve stuck to taking the medication the doctor prescribed, mostly I know that that reduces the feeling of pressure in my ear and that helps with the pain.  It is odd that the noises that really are painful are varied from a washing machine on fast spin (obviously) to someone stirring a cup the other side of the office (Seriously!).  Today is best day in at least 7/8 days.

After a very inactive Sunday where frankly I sat in front of the tv most of the day I feel I need a bit of a boot up the arse to get me motivated to get more active, stop isolating and get going.  Knowing me though this’ll take some time as I’m not great at turning a corner like this.  However I’ve been invited to speak at a meeting tonight that I rarely go to so that’s good and I have a therapy session tomorrow where I think I have a topic for conversation already!

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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6 Responses to A New Week

  1. Sometimes, a boot up the arse is provided from an unlikely source. Have a good meeting. Give ’em a piece of your mind.

  2. Liz Hinds says:

    That’s sounds dreadful. Husband has tinnitus but his must be very mild compared to yours. It doesn’t cause pain at all. But I think any sort of hearing change causes isolation. It’s good if you can battle it but sometimes maybe you just need to rest?

  3. I am very glad you are feeling a bit better.

  4. looby says:

    I had earache once (not half as bad as tinnitus, I know) and the sounds I heard were bizarre. The funniest one sounded like a sort of avantgarde concerto for a duo of farters.

  5. I hope you keep feeling improved. It must be frustrating in addition to painful.

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